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You May Be Strong, But You Are Also Allowed To Be Weak Every Once In A While


You are a warrior.

A strong, brave and a powerful fighter who is not afraid to take life by its horns and fight for what they deserve. Your thick skin is your own shiny armor of steel. You put it in the morning, and you are ready to take over the world. You are not afraid of the challenges, you live for them. Changes don’t terrify you, they excite you. Whenever life pulls you off track and breaks your spirit, you reach for your strength within and you pick up your broken pieces from the ground knowing that every failure is just another step closer to your destination.

You are the sun in a human form.

A kind, compassionate and a caring human being who likes to be there for others. People like to lean on you. You have a certain something in your soul that makes them always come to you for advice. You have a certain something in your heart that takes their pain away. You are their safe place, their shelter from the storm. You are the one who has their backs, supports them, lifts them up and inspires them to grow.

You are a strong, self-sufficient person who is not afraid of anything, but that doesn’t mean that you have a heart made of stone. No matter how fearless and merciless you are in the pursuit of life, every now and you like to take off that armor.

Because, just like everyone else, you are a human being made of flesh and blood. Just like everyone else, you deserve to be fragile. You deserve to put down your shield and show the world that you are vulnerable. You are allowed to feel insecure and sometimes weak. You deserve to rest.

Being strong and resilient in a world that is constantly testing your limits and does everything to put you down is a truly difficult thing. It requires shutting down your feelings, losing your sense of justice and eventually becoming comfortably numb until you no longer feel a thing.

Taking a break from all that madness is not a weakness. If you ask me, it is a strength. It’s being strong enough to let yourself feel. It’s being free enough to feel and experience every emotion that flows through your being.  It’s being brave enough to take off your mask and let the world see you for who you truly are. I don’t see anything wrong with taking a break if that is what your soul and heart need to recover.

So, go ahead and take that break. Regardless of how weak and incapable that make you in people’s eyes. Regardless of how scary and unsettling it might seem to you at first.

Go ahead and rest. It’s time you stop taking care of others and focus on your own wellbeing. Allow yourself to undress your soul and indulge in things that will help you heal and grow. Accept the fact that you are exhausted and embrace your tired soul. Give yourself permission to just breathe. Allow yourself to be fragile and weak.

Most importantly, try to understand that your strength is not defined by how many times you’ve got up after your failures. Your strength lies in your ability to accept your weaknesses, embrace yourself just the way you are and give yourself the break that you desperately crave.

Stephanie Reeds