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This Is For The Girl Who Let The Good Guy Go


You complained about your previous relationships. Your previous boyfriends didn’t treat you right and didn’t care about you enough. When you finally found a nice guy, who gave you everything and loved you unconditionally, you let him go. Because of your actions, he’s gone, and you’ll have to live with that.

You messed up, and now it’s too late to get him back. This is for the girl who let the good guy go.

You Couldn’t Trust Him

You’ve been hurt before, I understand that. I understand that you lost your trust in men after the way you had been treated before. That doesn’t change the fact that you couldn’t open up to a nice guy when you found one.

No matter what he did, you were always suspicious of him. He could bring you flowers, and you would think it was because he had cheated and felt guilty. You wouldn’t believe his honesty and you questioned his integrity. Nothing that he did was ever enough to make you trust him.

You Used Him

He gave you everything that you wanted. Whatever you needed, you knew that he would try his best to get it for you. He put so much effort into making you feel cared for and loved, and you used it against him.

Maybe you didn’t see what you were doing, but as time went on you became increasingly demanding. You constantly wanted more from him. When he couldn’t give you anything else, you decided that it meant that he didn’t care. You felt that he was the one in the wrong, not you.

You Knew Who He Was

From the very beginning, you knew what kind of man he really was. He was honorable, calm, and affectionate. You knew that whatever happened, he would stick by you. You took his kindness for granted. Instead of seeing it for what it really was, you saw it as boring.

It wasn’t exciting enough to have someone who would always care for you and never start arguments. Without fighting, paranoia, and anxiety in the relationship, you felt lost. You knew that he wouldn’t give you those things and you wasted his time anyway.

You Were Too Scared

Who knows what was really going through your head when you let him go. Perhaps you thought that your life would be too easy with him. You could have worried that you wouldn’t have the drama that you craved. Maybe it wasn’t even a conscious thought, but something deep inside of you that was afraid to be loved.

When things got too serious, you ran away. You left him, after everything that he had done for you. Even though you loved him, you were too frightened to stay in a relationship that was this good.

It’s Too Late to Take it Back

You made a huge mistake. If you haven’t realized it already, don’t worry, you will. You lost the guy who could have been the one. He would have loved you and tried to make you happy every day. It could have become a beautiful relationship that would last a lifetime.

You let him go, and it’s too late to change your mind. The damage is done, and you can’t take it all back. By leaving him just because he was too nice, you hurt him deeply. Nothing you say or do will ever take away that pain.

To the girl who let the good guy go, I’m sorry that you couldn’t see how amazing he truly was. There’s no way to undo what’s already been done, but hopefully, you’ll learn from this. If you’re lucky enough to have another nice guy come into your life, maybe this time you’ll appreciate him.

Did you make the mistake of letting a great guy go? Share your experiences with us.

Eva Jackson