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The One Thing A Narcissist Hates The Most Is Seeing You Happy


If there is one thing that narcissists hate more than anything is seeing other people do well.

And why is this?

Because, first of all, genuine happiness and joy come from within. Narcissists are people who can’t feel really happy because they are not true to themselves and they are also not able to feel deep emotions.  

They are usually shallow and miserable people who desperately need admiration from other people to feel better about themselves. They constantly seek external pleasures and luxurious things that can increase their status in society and thus their self-esteem.

Unfortunately, this is not enough for them to be happy because they can never understand the fact that contentment, fulfillment and true happiness are things that only come from within.

Therefore, when narcissists see other people doing well and being happy, they are reminded that they are not happy. It’s like a slap on their face. Because narcissists have a strong sense of entitlement and when they see someone doing better than them, they immediately start feeling resentful and envious.

The narcissist believes they deserve whatever it is that you have that makes you happy because they think they are better than you.

Moreover, the more things you have that they don’t, the more they feel better than you and entitled to have what you have. They feel you don’t deserve to have it because you are not as good and perfect as they are.

Narcissists don’t realize the work that you put to get where you are. Instead, they suppose that you did all kinds of insincere and sleazy things that they do. That’s why when they look at you, they think that you don’t deserve to be happy.

They can’t admit to themselves that there are others who are more intelligent, talented, hard-working, and powerful than them.

In the narcissist’s world, there are only winners and losers and they would rather die than be ‘a loser.’ Plus, their deep-seated insecurities don’t allow them to have a flaw or to be ‘below’ someone else in some way.

That’s why they will detest you if they see that you are doing better than them.

On the flip side, they are happy when you fail. They are happy when you are hurting, when you are in pain. In their eyes, you deserve it.

In extreme cases, the narcissist will try to harm you. When they feel threatened by you, they might try to turn other people against you, stalk you, intimidate you, sabotage you, bully you, and so on.  

Please, don’t let them get to you.

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Mary Wright