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This Goes To The Woman Who No Longer Believes In True Love


You, the woman who doesn’t believe in true love anymore, know that true love does exist. And trust me, it’ll find you when you expect it the least.

It’ll find you when you’re ready for it.

I know how you’re feeling. I know what you’re going through. I know the sound of a broken heart and shattered hopes. The pain is so unbearable that it makes you want to hide from everyone. It makes you want to escape the world.

You’re unknowingly building high walls around you so as to keep everyone out, even those who already truly love you. You’re trying to protect your heart from getting hurt again in every way that you can.

Even when a guy tries to flirt with you or shows that he likes you, you push him away. You immediately find thousands of excuses as to why he’s not right for you. You don’t let anyone into your heart and you deny yourself the attention and love you rightly deserve.

Don’t hide, my love. Break those high, thick walls. Because true love does exist. And it’ll find you sooner than you think. It’ll light up your life again. It’ll fill the void you’re feeling in your heart. It’ll make your soul feel warm.

True love does exist and will come your way soon.

You may not recognize it at first and deny it. But that’s all right. You don’t need to hurry. Give yourself time to recognize and embrace it.

Because I know – you’ve forgotten what true love really feels like since your heart has been shattered so many times.

So, allow me to help you remember what genuine, honest, deep love is.

This kind of love is kindness. It’s compassion. It’s a comforting hug. It’s laughter.

True love is both a willingness to listen and to understand.

True love is a willingness to make sacrifices and compromises for the person you love.

True love is mutual acceptance, trust, and respect. It’s patience. It’s incessant help and support.

True love is enjoying spending time together. It’s friendship. It’s excitement.

True love is honesty and openness. It’s feeling free and comfortable to speak your mind without being afraid that you might be judged and criticized.

True love is fighting for the other person even when it’s hard. Even when your heart hurts.

True love is persevering even in the most difficult times. Even when you see no hope.

True love is a commitment.

True love is the person in whose arms you feel like you’re home. It’s the person you feel blessed for having in your life.

Riley Cooper