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10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Of Your Alpha Personality


Most people are intimidated by the idea that someone has an alpha personality. However, this personality is not something that should be feared, and most people confuse it with authoritarian and vain traits that have little to do with being alpha.

Alpha personality people don’t need to impose their influence onto others by means of instilling fear or belittling others – the very fact that they are alpha means that they were born to take charge and people recognize and accept this unwittingly.

So, here are 10 things that others don’t realize you’re doing because of your alpha personality.

1. Cutting to the case

As an alpha, it’s very important for you not to waste time and go about in circles to get to the point. You like to cut to the chase and stay as straightforward as possible – to the extent that some people may feel intimidated by your ability to confront them and set things right.

You don’t like mincing words, and you are absolutely repelled by people’s ambiguity. They’ll know where they stand with you and there’s nothing wrong about it. This makes you a person who people either love or hate, not that you care much.

2. You have no problem going it alone

You feel comfortable in your own skin and you never pay attention to what the herd thinks. “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of the sheep,” as George R. R. Martin would say. And that’s exactly the way you function.

You don’t suffer from the fear of missing out, you don’t waste time on social media updating people on your life, and you can stay home on a Friday night instead of going where others are going.

3. You prefer a small circle of friends

Because you can’t call everybody a ‘friend’ the way many like to put it. You’d rather be by yourself than be surrounded by fake people and hypocrisy for the sake of being around people. That’s why you have a select number of friends you feel comfortable with.

4. You like being in your own company

And in most situations, you like being with yourself, even when there’s a better offer on the table. It’s not that you don’t like people, but some alone time gives you that personal freedom that others will gladly take away from you. In most cases, having a good time means being by yourself.

5. You see actions, not words

What people ‘say’ has little meaning – it’s what they do that really matters. You don’t like blank promises and nice words. If someone has something to show you, they’d better do it instead of saying it. We all know how loud people can be, when in fact the louder you are, the less you do.

6. Your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ mean exactly that

When you say that you’ll do something, you do it. When you say NO, you mean it. You don’t like giving people false ideas, and you don’t want to leave them hanging when you promise something. But that’s why you also know when you can achieve what you say you’ll do and when you simply have to say no.

7. You couldn’t care less about people’s opinions

It’s not that you are rigid and stubborn, but in most cases, people’s opinions are based on surface perception and have little or nothing to do with the reality you are facing – and you are well aware of this. That’s why you like to march to the beat of your own drum and you don’t care much about what others think about it.

What you’re doing is none of their business, and what they’re saying is none of your business!

8. You know how to spend your time

You don’t need small distractions that will keep you away from boredom. You know how to occupy your time and you do it in a productive way (even doing nothing sometimes is good for a solid recharge, right?).

You have a goal-oriented mindset and you do what you need to do to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you’re on it and as long as you are constantly improving.

9. You’re low maintenance

You know that trends and fads are the thing of the herd, and you don’t care about these things. Why buy into cheap manipulations that cost much when you are good as you are? You couldn’t care less about these things as you have your own style and you stick to who you are.

10. You’re your own soulmate

First and foremost, you are your own soulmate. Then there’s space for another person if they actually show up. You’ll never be with a person because you need them – it will be because you want them. You’ll never need someone to realize your potential, and you will only be with another person if they get your vibe, are ready to accept you for who you are, and love hanging out with you.


Mary Wright



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