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Spending Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Is The Secret To Happiness

experiences not things

If you’ve been lately wondering whether to spend money on the latest iPhone or a yoga class, you may want to choose the latter since experiences add more value to your life than things.

Okay, I get it. You work hard. You truly love your job and you are entirely devoted to it. And you want to reward yourself for everything you’ve achieved in life.

But if you believe that spending money on some modern electronic gadget or an expensive piece of jewelry will make you feel happier than spending money on, let’s say, a weekend getaway, know you’re awfully wrong.

Because while buying expensive jewelry, trendy clothes, a new gadget, or a new car may be satisfying for a short period of time, the excitement always fades and you inevitably find yourself looking for the next material thing to make you happy.

The Secret to Happiness Experiences, on the other hand, are what make you genuinely happy. They make you happy in the long run since it takes you a larger amount of time to adapt to them and they leave a grater imprint on your memory.

Additionally, while you can always compare one material thing to another, experiences are less likely to be compared to things since they’re unique. For instance, you can always compare the iPhone 10 to the iPhone 11, but making a comparison between a weekend getaway and an iPhone 11 is an entirely different story.

In addition to being unique, experiences can help you strengthen your relationships with others. For instance, going rafting or going camping with your friends will further develop the bond between you and will thus increase your happiness. Just make sure to get the best 3 man tent for camping so you have lots of room!

And last but not least, compared to material things, experiences don’t have an expiration date.

So, make sure you collect experiences, not things!

Riley Cooper