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10 Reasons Why Men Who Marry Nurses Are The Happiest


It wouldn’t come as a surprise that men like women who are gentle, caring, and tough at the same time. And these three characteristics are at the core of every woman who decides to become a nurse.

But there is so much more to why the happiest men end up marrying nurses, and here are 11 good reasons that make these women one of the best out there.

1. It takes smarts to be a nurse

Nurses are not the quiet wallflower type of women who don’t know what to talk about. It’s obligatory for a nurse to have a college or university degree, and many decide to continue with further specialization.

2. Nurses are full of kindness and compassion

The selflessness of the nurse can be seen both at their workplace and in the family. They are ready to put their needs in second place and do everything to make other people’s lives better. Their compassion and kindness are what every person dreams about.

3. Good listeners

Nurses are the best listeners out there, being around sick patients who tell heart wrenching stories and need someone who will listen. They have the ability to talk patients through their fears and they know how to bring this gift out of their workplace and in their homes. You know that you’ll get honest advice and endless support from a nurse – it’s second nature to them.

4. Endlessly supportive

It takes a special combination of toughness and kindness to support patients in various stages of illnesses despite the time of the day. Their nature allows them to have the strength to help people deal with the most difficult of times and provide support and comfort when they’re at their worst. And just as they will never allow their patients to quit, expect that she’ll never let you quit either.

5. Getting everyone through tough times

It’s in a nurse’s training to be able to help people calm down in stressful situations and focus on the important things. What’s more, it’s in their nature to be able to help people steer through these tough times, and give them the support they need. This is includes patients, but it’s not limited to them.

6. Spouses with benefits

As they are in the health profession, they will be the first ones to know what the best choices are in their field. They will tell you who the best doctors are, and where you can find the best medical services. Also, being trained to spot symptoms and keep a person in optimal health, they will make sure that the family is always in top shape and spot any health irregularities before anyone else does.

7. Partners in emergency

Nurses are very good at handling emergencies, as they are trained in this. The experience they have allows them to broaden the emergency handling knowledge in many different aspects of life, and they will always know how to prioritize and make important decisions even when everything seems upside down.

8. Excellent team players

A nurse’s profession requires that you know how to properly work in a team. In fact, the work in the medical field requires constant teamwork, and if you don’t know how to work in a team and help each other out, it will never get done. This teamwork mindset makes nurses great spouses in so many aspects.

9. A steady income

This profession is respected and highly sought after. In return, nurses receive a stable income and salaries can often be very good. If you have a nurse spouse, know that they can always pick up the slack when difficult economic times come about.

10. They bring a different, deeper perspective on life

You won’t hear your spouse nagging about a leaking tap or a broken window, or other trivialities that require little work to be done. It’s because their profession comes with much more serious situations that involve life and death. They know what’s important and what’s trivial, so they won’t be a nag over the little things.

11. A wicked sense of humor

And their workplace never comes with dull moments – they often see belligerent patients, gross messes, unbelievable suffering, and other things that could drive anyone nuts. Perhaps this is what makes most nurses develop a wicked sense of humor that will surely crack you up over a glass of wine.

Mary Wright


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