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Having Loyal Work Friends Is One Of The Greatest Blessings In Life – Friends Are Blessings

Loyal Work Friends

Not everyone has the privilege of getting along with and liking their co-workers and therefore work friendships aren’t as common as they should be.

If you think that joking and chatting with colleagues during a lunch break is nothing more than a pleasant distraction at the office, you should change your mind. Friends Are Blessings!

Because having someone at work that makes demanding and difficult job duties easier and with whom you can have a nice chat or share jokes during your lunch break is one of the greatest blessings in life.

Here are 7 reasons why this is so:

1. Work friends make work less tedious for you.

Yeah, when you have to follow the same routine at the office every day, work can get quite tedious. But, when you have amazing friends at work with whom you share funny jokes and have fun whenever you want, work is never boring. Instead, it’s fun and exciting. (1)

2. You never have to have a coffee or lunch break on your own.

Having a true, loyal friend at work means that you will always have someone to have a cup of coffee with or eat some salad or even a birthday cake with on your or their birthday.

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the sacred ritual of drinking a nice cup of tea, coffee, or whatever and having a good gossip about your boss or some famous person.

3. You know your work friends love you and care about you.

Because they’re always there when you need someone to share your worries and problems with. They’re there when you need someone to complain to about your pain-in-the-neck boss or the latest demanding task you’ve been assigned. They’re there when you need someone only to listen to you. (2)

4. Work friends understand your problems and frustrations.

Sometimes it is difficult to complain to your family and friends about your job or boss because they aren’t there and they don’t know what exactly is bothering you.

But, your work friends do understand your frustrations and struggles at work. They understand what job duties annoy you and make you feel stressed out. They understand what job duties you find difficult to carry out.

And most importantly, they know what to say to cheer you up when you are down in the dumps and they can give you wise advice on how to deal with your frustrations and problems.

5. You most probably have a group chat which is insane.

Whether it is sending funny memes and GIFs to each other, venting, gossiping, or texting about the drama going on at work, the group chat is nearly always active and it never gets boring or irritating.

6. Nights out with work friends are one of the best.

Yes, joking and exchanging gossip with your work friends in the kitchen is fun, but when you go out together to dinner in a restaurant or to a party in some popular local nightclub, that’s when you have a really good time. That’s when you realize that your colleagues are more than just your work friends.

7. Work friends may even become your family.

Well, considering the fact that you spend a minimum of 40 hours a week with your work friends, this is no wonder.

Being around a co-worker this much can easily make you become more than just “work friends” with them. It can make your amazing colleagues become your family.

Riley Cooper