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The Strongest Souls Out There Are Those Who Hurt In Silence


The strongest people out there are those who suffer in silence. They are the ones who feel the most but don’t show their feelings.

The strongest people out there are those who don’t wear their heart on their sleeve. They suffer silently, in the comfort of their home. They fight their demons and battles quietly when no one is watching them. And they are the ones who hide their immense pain behind their smile. They hide their agony behind “I’m fine” or “I’m okay”.

The strongest souls break apart in silence.

They cry in silence behind closed doors. They soak their pillows with a river of tears and the stains on the sheets are the only witnesses of their heartbreak and pain. The walls in their room are their living hell.

The strongest souls start every day ready to handle every hardship that life gives them. They know that they are the ones who have control over their life, so they put on a brave face and make themselves believe that the hurt is not there, that it’s not tearing them from the inside.

The strongest people out there are warriors who fight silent and secret battles. They fight with a worn-out armor that has many dents. Those silent battles that they’ve been fighting have made them scarred and have left so many wounds and bruises on their heart and soul which are invisible to an ordinary eye.

The strongest souls don’t bleed physically, they bleed on the inside.

The strongest people out there believe that they are not allowed to have a moment of weakness. Therefore, they feel extremely guarded and cautious as to talking about their problems, fears, worries, and self-doubts. So, they keep everything bottled up inside them because they don’t want anyone to see they are struggling.

They hide their suffering so well because they’ve been taught that revealing your emotions makes you weak and pathetic. They have taught them that in order to succeed in this world, one must be strong, tough, and stoic. Because only the strongest ones win.

The strongest souls know how to survive violent storms even during times when their only wish was to find a safe shelter and hide until it’s all over.

Strong people know they can go through hell and back and come back alive. They know that they will get up no matter how many times life knocks them over.

They suffer in silence until one day they just can’t take it anymore. Until they break into million pieces.

Because they are strong, but they are also human.

If you too are feeling this way, please know that you don’t have to hurt in silence. You don’t have to suffer quietly about the things you can’t control. You are allowed to hurt. You are allowed to feel. You are allowed to cry.

But you don’t have to do it in silence. Because there comes a time when even the strongest souls out there need someone. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone and open your soul to them. Don’t feel scared or ashamed to reveal your deepest thoughts and emotions.

Don’t be a prisoner to your suffering.

Grow from it. Learn from it. But let it go.

Mary Wright