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When Heart And Loyalty Give Way To Jealousy And Mistrust, It’s Time To Let Go


There are many types of love and relationships, and while every love is special in its own way, not all of them are healthy and worth fighting for.

Relationships are complicated. That’s a fact. And it seems like the decision of whether to stay in a relationship or leave is one of the hardest ones to make. But, staying in a dysfunctional relationship can lead to a life of unhappiness, anxiety, and pain. That is why it is important to know when to say, “enough is enough” and leave. Because some relationships are just not worth the trouble.

Some say love is patient and kind. But love is also sometimes evil, jealous, and controlling. Sometimes it is uncaring and fickle, leaving behind pain and destruction.

And the whole concept of true love and a perfect relationship with the perfect partner is very misleading and damaging. Because if you believe that a relationship that is not perfect is a relationship not worth having, then you are headed towards a life of solitude.

Instead, you should learn to make a difference between a relationship that is worth fighting for, and a relationship that is not. A relationship that you can fix and make it better, and a relationship that is best to leave behind.

And please remember that no matter how much the relationship hurts you, you will still be scared of moving on and letting go of it. Because regardless of how badly they have treated you, the mere idea of leaving them behind will hurt like hell. It doesn’t matter how monotonous, boring, uninspiring, or toxic the relationship was, you’ll still miss it and miss the person. And that’s okay.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should stay and fight for it. Missing someone and feeling hurt doesn’t make the relationship magically worthy of your time and energy.

Because… when compassion, love, and loyalty are replaced with jealousy, mistrust, and cruel bickering, then it’s best to let go and move on.

Mary Wright