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The Most Bitter Lesson About Love You Will Ever Have To Learn


Everyone wants to experience genuine, pure, raw, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. Some even spend a lifetime searching for it. And while we are on the journey to this kind of love, we learn different lessons. Some we learn the easy way and others the hard way. Nevertheless, they’re all valuable.

And when it comes to love, there is one lesson that nobody teaches you when you begin to fall in love with someone for the first time. It is a lesson that you don’t get to learn until your heart has been broken into countless tiny pieces. It is a lesson that you get to learn the first time someone tells you that they don’t feel anything about you anymore.

It is the hardest and most painful lesson that any person should ever experience – being told that the person they loved with every part of them no longer loves them.

You see, there will be someone who will enter your life and make you feel in ways you’ve never felt before. They’ll make you feel like you’re the center of the universe. They’ll make you believe that their heart beats only for you. They’ll shower you with compliments, sweet words, and affection. They’ll make you feel like you’re the most loved and most important person in the entire world.

And after a while, something will switch and this same person will begin to show their true intentions. They’ll begin to act selfishly. They’ll often make you feel like you don’t exist. They’ll take you for granted.

They’ll stop being the person who always saw the good in you and pointed out your qualities and strength, and they’ll turn into someone who only sees your flaws. They’ll emphasize all your bad habits, insecurities, and fears and they’ll make you feel weak because of them. They’ll make you feel ashamed of your weaknesses and imperfections. They’ll make you doubt your self-worth.

They’ll find out your vulnerable sides and use them against you. They’ll take advantage of your kindness. They’ll play with your feelings. Why?

Because they feel empowered by doing so. They feed their ego when they make others feel weak and unimportant.

And then… boom. They will shatter your world in a matter of seconds. They’ll break your heart the moment you hear them say: “I don’t love you anymore – I’m sorry.”

These words will feel like a sharp knife piercing your heart. These words will bruise your soul.

And once you hear those harsh words, you’ll feel like your world is falling apart. You’ll feel like everything is crumbling around you. You’ll feel blindsided. Manipulated. Used. Betrayed. Lost.

You’ll gradually realize that the person you’ve loved from the bottom of your heart is not kind, tender, and loving, but selfish and cruel. You’ll feel the bitter taste of love.

But you know what?

Although this is one of those love lessons that you’ll learn the hard way, it’s also a lesson that will help you become smarter, stronger, and more resilient. It’s a lesson that will help you learn how to protect your heart. It’ll help you learn how to lift yourself up when life knocks you down. It’ll help you learn how to recognize the person that truly deserves a place in your heart.

So, yes, you’ll need time to heal your wounds and learn how to trust someone again. You’ll need time to fall in love again. And just like any other person whose heart has been broken, you’ll meet someone who will steal your heart again. Someone who will promise to love you forever. Someone who will promise to take care of you, cherish you, heal your past wounds, and never break your heart.

And as time passes, one day you’ll realize that things aren’t working between you. You’ll realize that you two are not headed in the same direction. And one night, while you’re lying in bed, contemplating about your relationship, you’ll receive a message out of the blue: “I no longer love you.”

And this will add one more scar to your heart. One more wound.

These words will feel like a sharp knife piercing your heart again. You’ll feel like you don’t deserve to be loved. You’ll feel like you’re not even worthy of a simple call. All you’re worth is a short message – a message that made your world crumble down again.

And then, you’ll learn the lesson. The lesson that you need to protect your heart. The lesson that it’s your responsibility to always take care of your heart and keep it safe.  

You’ll finally realize that two selfish, cruel people can’t determine your worth. That no one is worthy of your sadness and tears.

You’ll finally realize that you deserve true love. You deserve a real, mature, honest partner, not a fickle, manipulative, selfish one.

You’ll realize that you deserve all this and that you must never settle for anything less than that.

So, until you find that person, get mad. Get sad. Cry as long as your tears fall down your face. But remember the lesson – protect your heart.

And true love will find you. I promise.

Riley Cooper