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6 Lessons You’ll Learn From Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You


Nothing is as heartbreaking as unrequited love. You spend all your time obsessing over someone and trying to please them, but in the end, they don’t feel the same. When you finally realize that your feelings are not reciprocated, it feels like the world is crashing down around you.

The one good thing that you can take from all this pain is what you’ll learn from it. You’ll become a much stronger person from these 6 lessons you’ll learn from loving someone who doesn’t love you.

1. The Truth is a Powerful Tool

It may be difficult, but you should always express your feelings to the other person sooner rather than later. You’ll save yourself months, or even years of torment wishing that they will love you back when, deep down, you know that they never will.

2. You Should Never Beg

We seem to lose any care for our dignity when we’re in love. Never beg someone to love you, and never make yourself available for them whenever they ask. You deserve so much better than to lose your self-respect on someone who doesn’t care for you the same way.

3. You Can’t Force Someone to Love You

You’ll try and try again, but it will never work. If someone doesn’t love you, you can’t make them. Trying to force them will not only drive them away, but it will hurt you more in the end. Believing the truth when it’s sitting right in front of is the best thing that you can do for your own happiness.

4. You Can’t Force Yourself Not to Love

If you can’t make someone else love you, then you also can’t force yourself not to love them. If you deny your true feelings, you will create an unhealthy, secretive obsession with this person. You can only truly move on from them if you accept your feelings for what they are.

5. If Someone Wants to be With You, They Will

As humans, we are determined to get what we want. Even if we are shy or scared, we will still try to get it through our actions or our words. If someone truly loves you, they will do anything to be with you. They will recognize the signals that you’re giving them and return them back to you. If the person you love doesn’t try, there’s a reason.

6. You’ll be Okay

Your lovesick drama may end horrible, but one day you will get over it. The love you felt for that person will fade and the heartache will heal. You will move on with your life and learn to love again, but this time with someone who loves you too.

Through love, heartbreak, and eventual acceptance, we can take away so much good from such a terrible situation. Loving someone who will never love you is painful, but we will learn to only give our affection to people who are worthy of it.

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Eva Jackson