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The Harsh Truth Of What Makes You So Annoying, Based On Your Zodiac


I’m the kind of person who wants to see the good in everyone. Instead of focusing on the negatives surrounding people, I prefer to concentrate on the positives instead. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that I’m blind to people’s bad sides, or even to my own. Even the people that I love most in the world do things that annoy me sometimes.

Everyone has their own bad traits, and what they are may have a lot to do with when they were born. Here’s the harsh truth of what makes you so annoying, based on your zodiac.


There’s no denying that you’re going to achieve great things and that you’re confident in your ability to do so. However, you can get a little overly-confident sometimes. Most people really wish you would stop worshipping yourself so much as well as always demanding to be in control. Just learn to give other people a chance to be in charge sometimes.


Although you do have good intentions, you’re notoriously headstrong most of the time. You believe what you believe, and no one is going to take that away from you. In all honesty, you’re painfully stubborn and it’s pretty irritating for the people around you who just want you to listen to their point of view.


You’re a friendly person and have a lot of extroverted qualities about you. Even if you think that’s one of your better traits, not everyone else agrees. In their minds, you’re just a bit too chatty and never give anyone a chance to get a word in. As well as that, you tend to jump from topic to topic and repeat the same stories. It can be quite exhausting for the people around you.


Let’s be real, you already know that your most annoying trait is how sensitive you are. Despite you being aware of that, hearing it probably has you in floods of tears anyway. Any small inconvenience makes you cry or sulk and you whine whenever you don’t get your way. You need to learn how to let things go because everyone can see how much of a crybaby you are.


There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. Despite that, there is something wrong with being completely obsessed with yourself. Your friends don’t want to wait around for you while you stare at yourself in the mirror for hours on end. As well as that, you’re not fooling anyone with your exaggerations. Everyone knows when you’re making up stories and it always irks them.


You see yourself as logical, practical, and detail-oriented. However, other people see you as being hard to please. Nothing is ever good enough for you because you’re always looking for flaws in everything. Likewise, you like to control everyone to make sure that everything is done to your standards. Give it a break because it’s annoying everyone in your life.


What’s most annoying about you is that you can never manage to make a decision. Even worse still, you’re completely codependent and can’t survive on your own. You’re the kind of person who forgets about their friends when they get into a relationship. That’s just because you can’t seem to view yourself as an individual, you always need to be attached to someone else.


It will come as no surprise to you that out of all the signs, yours is the most intense and frightening. Although you’re passionate, that passion can often turn into hostility, even towards the people that you love. When that happens, you easily become manipulative, secretive, and vengeful. Sadly, your loved ones are usually the people who get the brunt of all of this.


More than likely, you see yourself as an extrovert. However, you take extroversion to a whole new extreme. Your energy is limitless, you’re completely unpredictable, and you have no idea how to sit still. All of that is exhausting the people in your life. Along with that, you’re way too loud and extremely obnoxious. Likewise, you also tend to be a bit reckless.


One of your strongest traits is how goal-oriented you are. You’ll stop at nothing to get what you want in life. Despite that, this trait can also be your downfall too. Other people can find you to be a bit cold and distant. As well as that, you’re often pretty self-righteous, controlling, and unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions. So please, stop talking to your friends like they’re your employees.


You’re a natural problem solver. Although that’s usually a good thing, it turns negative once you withdraw from society to try and figure yourself out. When people talk to you, it feels like talking to an empty shell sometimes because you’re so distracted. Sadly, you’re just too logical for your own good and you lack the emotional responses that people want from you.


I’ll be honest with you, you’re a complete mess. Everything in your life is chaotic, especially your own emotions that you can’t seem to get a hold of. This is made even worse by the fact that you can’t organize anything or be practical for even a millisecond. The people in your life can get pretty sick of dealing with your mood swings and of having to pick up after you all the time.

These observations may sound harsh, but there’s no way to sugarcoat what annoys people most about you. Instead of getting down about it use this information to grow and improve yourself as a person. Additionally, remember that even though you may have some bad traits, you probably have a million more good ones too.

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Eva Jackson