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Don’t String Anyone Along, Stay Single If You Are Not Ready To Be Committed


Don’t enter a relationship for the wrong reasons. Don’t make promises to someone only to break their heart. Don’t tell them you love them, that you want to spend your future with them, and make them feel like they are the one for you only to disappoint them later when you figure you still want to see what’s out there.

Don’t be a coward like that. Don’t toy with a person’s emotions. Don’t lie to your partner only to sneak behind their back. Don’t make them wonder if they are enough for you. Don’t make them feel like they did something wrong. Don’t make them feel like it’s them when it’s you.

Don’t play games with the person you “allegedly” love and care about. Don’t cheat on them. If you don’t plan on staying faithful to them then tell them the truth and walk away. Because your one-night stand can become something that will haunt them for the rest of their life and scar them for their future partners. They will hold on the pain of the betrayal and will have a hard time trusting someone again.

If you can’t stay true to one person, then don’t give them false hope. Don’t make them think that you want a serious relationship with them if you are not ready for one.

It’s better to be honest and tell them you are not looking for a commitment than lead them on and break their heart later. If there are not what you want, don’t string them along.

Don’t send mixed signals. Don’t lie to them. Don’t say you love them if you are keeping your options open. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but as long as you are not in a relationship already. As long as there is not someone out there to whom you have told that she/he is the only one for you.

Don’t get into a relationship if you still want to sleep around and date other people. Stay single if you can’t decide whether you want to be in a commitment.


Good people don’t deserve to be lied to. They don’t deserve to be mistreated like that. They don’t deserve to be cheated on. They don’t deserve to get their hearts broken. They don’t deserve someone who will question their worth.

Therefore, if you care about someone – don’t string them along. Don’t screw them over. Be real with them and tell them like it is.

If you love them and you are ready to be faithful and committed, then go for it. But, if you still have doubts please – stay single!

Mary Wright