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Stop Worrying About The Future And Start Living Your Life Instead


What is it about us human beings that make us so eager to find out what the future holds for us?

We are so worried about finding a stable job, making enough money, securing our future and surviving in this society, that we often forget how to live. It’s is crazy. We convince ourselves that we are living, but in fact, we get so caught up in the repetitive, monotonous and miserable daily activities that we have no time to actually focus on what we really want out of life. We are fading away. Breathing, but merely living.

Day by day, year by year, we slowly forget that one of our main responsibilities in life is to find the purpose for our existence.

We let life slip through our fingers thinking that we have time. But, we don’t. We lose our souls on jobs, people, and things that don’t really matter. We allow ourselves to suffer because we are taught that nothing worth having comes easy. We live in an illusion that we are productive, but what we really are is exhausted.

The fears inside our souls are keeping us in cages. They force us to avoid our natural rights to freedom and creativity and always pick the safer choice.

The fear of ending up all alone and never finding true love forces us to settle in comfortable relationships, risk our happiness and put up with people that we don’t love. Because at the end of the day, having something is better than having nothing, right?

The fear of failure and ending up broke prevents us from chasing our dreams and working hard on our biggest goals. It forces us to work 9-5 jobs that we cannot stand, to put up with manipulative and toxic bosses, to go to meetings to discuss about stuff that we don’t really care about, to say yes to everyone, to pursue soul-sucking but money-making carriers, as if money is the only thing that will make us happy after we retire.

Let’s just stop for a second, huh?

Just imagine how much easier life would be if we started reminding ourselves that just waking up and being alive are blessings on their own. Just think about. The future is a mystical, far away place that no one knows about. No matter what we do, we cannot foresee it, nor can we directly alter it.

The only way we can gain power over our future, is by focusing on our present. That is the universal truth that most of us are struggling to accept it. But, if you, the one who is reading this article are ready to put all of your worries aside and discover the beauty of the ‘now’, here’s what you need to know:

Your life doesn’t have to look a particular way. It is not supposed to be the same as everyone else’s. It is you own story, your own unique journey, your own Pandora box that is waiting to be opened. The reality around you shouldn’t pressure you into doing what is socially acceptable. Just because all of your friends follow the safer path in life doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. Allow yourself to grow at your own pace.

Find a way to balance your present and your future. I know that we all need money to survive in this world. It’s just the way things are. At the and of the day, the quality of your life is tightly associated with how much money you have. But it is also associated with embracing life as it happens. Creating a balance between your future and your present. Living in the now. Appreciating the beauty around us. Are you doing that?

Understand that no one knows what the future holds. Accept the fact that no matter how hard you try to plan it; the future is ultimately unknowable. And no matter your expectations and efforts, your future will likely turn out completely different than you imagined. You cannot control something so wild and unpredictable. What you can do tough, is embrace the opportunities that come along, dive deep into the unknown and let life unravel all of its mysteries.

In the end, we only get one shot at life. You can either fall in love with each and every morning and make life worthwhile or wait around for the future to finally start living the life that you want. It’s your choice. Make it a good one.

Stephanie Reeds