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Her Only Desire Was To Be Yours, But You Pushed Her Away Anyway


She was beautiful, kind, intelligent, and completely committed to you. This was the girl who would do anything just to be by your side and make you happy. Even when you were at your lowest, her caring smile would pick you right back up again. She was truly the kind of girl that only comes around once in a lifetime.

I suppose that being with someone who wanted nothing more than to love you just wasn’t good enough for you. Her only desire was to be yours, but you pushed her away anyway.

She Just Wanted to Make You Happy

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once said, “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” That was what it was like to be with her. She radiated joy and optimism and made you happier just by being around you. It wasn’t by accident either, her goal was always to bring you joy.

You were the center of her entire world. She put everything aside so that she could take care of you. Despite her best efforts, it seems like it was never enough for you. Although she put sweat, blood, and tears into making you happy, you didn’t care.

Perhaps sometimes you didn’t like her suggestions. You didn’t want to change your lifestyle to fit her recommendations. The truth is though that she was just trying to help you do what she knows is best for you. She just wanted you to have the best life possible.

You Were Blind

This was a girl that did so much for you. She put herself second just so that she could put you first. In spite of all her efforts, you never saw just how much she really did for you. As a result, you never put her first. You didn’t even put her second or third. Instead, you put her at the bottom of your list of priorities.

Everything she did, both big and small, were all for your benefit, but you took it all for granted. She should have hated you for how ungrateful you were. She should have cursed your name and left you behind. Sadly, she loved you too much to ever let you go.

Maybe you were both blind to each other.

She Tried So Hard to Make it Work

You doomed this relationship to fail, everyone could see it. Her family and friends all knew that you didn’t appreciate her, but she didn’t listen. All she wanted was to be yours and to love you freely and unconditionally. Because of how strong her feelings were for you, she did everything that she could to make the relationship work.

It didn’t matter to her how bad things seemed. Even when you pushed her away with your selfish actions and dishonesty, she clung onto you as much as she could. The thing is though, there’s only so long that someone can hold on for until all ties begin to break. You pushed her too far, and there was nothing left for her to cling onto.

People say that all good things must come to an end, but that’s not really true. They only end when you end them, and that’s exactly what you did here. You took the most amazing thing in your life and you threw it away. Now, you don’t have her anymore. Thankfully, she’s much better off without you.

No woman deserves this kind of treatment. If you know any woman who’s in a situation like this, share this article with her. Let her know that she is a kind, caring, and beautiful person inside and out. One day, she’ll find someone who’s truly worthy of her.

Eva Jackson