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Some Of Us Are Old Souls Stuck In The Wrong Century

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OLD SOULS FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE IN THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE. They are not impressed by shiny, expensive presents from their partner nor do they expect their partner to give them gifts. They are happy and feel loved with the little things in life – a hug, a kiss, holding hands, a loving text message, knowing that they are trusted and respected… anything that can’t be bought with money.

OLD SOULS ARE VERY AFFECTIONATE AND LOVING BUT THEY ARE ALSO INDEPENDENT AND THEY NEED THEIR SPACE. They are realists and romantics at the same time. These contradictory traits are what gives them depth and balance to their character. They enjoy spending time with their partner and spending time alone equally.

OLD SOULS DATE THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY. Words like ‘hanging out’, ‘casual dating’, and ‘friends with benefits’ don’t exist in their vocabulary. They prefer dinner and movies. They value respect more than anything and that’s why they will never accept less than what feels right to them. Old souls prefer long-term commitments and they don’t waste their time on someone who is not serious about them.

OLD SOULS CRAVE DEEP AND MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS. They despise small talk. They are not interested in talking about the weather, the ordinary things in life, or other people. They want to engage themselves in profound and meaningful conversations that will set their heart, mind, and soul on fire.

OLD SOULS LOVE TRULY AND COMPLETELY. Their love is deep and passionate. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. When they are in love, they give their all. Their heart is open and sincere. They treat their partner with respect and expect to be respected in return. Their relationships are based on mutual trust, understanding, and support. Their love is unique because it’s real and grounded.  

If you are lucky to have an old soul as a partner, never let them go. They are the gems that make this world a better place and will also make your life better in many ways.


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Mary Wright