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Life Is Too Short To Be Unhappy: You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Cares

stay alone until

I’ve seen a lot of people settling down for average only out of fear. I’ve heard many stories about people too insecure and afraid to be alone. Heck, I even have friends who were so pressured by their families and society that eventually gave in and settled down for the first person that came along…

And honestly, I am too tired of it all.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

Is getting married the only important thing in our lives?

Is finding “the other part of your soul” all there is to life?

Are we really that desperate?

Hey, people!

Being alone is not something that you should be embarrassed of. It is not a sickness. It’s not a curse and it definitely should not be an issue. Being single doesn’t mean that someone’s lonely. It is the best thing that you can do for yourself before faith finally reveals your journey and you meet the one that has always been meant for you.

Life is too damn short to always be doing the shoulds anyway.

So, stop listening to what people say!

Stop letting society’s poor standards meddle with your insecurities!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

I say be alone! And never settle for a shitty, annoying and boring dates that make you want to run for the hills and don’t come back. Never settle for someone who only sees you as a temporary fling. Never settle for someone you know that you’ll never be able to love. Never settle for half-assed love.

Choose to be alone instead of wasting that precious time on people who don’t give any value to your life. Choose to find who you really are instead of putting other people on top of your priority list.

Be alone until you meet someone who will love spending all of their time with you. Someone who won’t make silly excuses just to avoid seeing you. But rather someone who will do everything in their power to really find time for you.

Be alone until you find someone who will look at you the way no one has ever looked at you before. Someone who will look at you like you are magic. Someone who will find the long-awaited shelter in that heart of yours. Someone who will look into your eyes and see the whole universe in them. Someone who ill love you endlessly.

Be alone until you find someone who will not be afraid to commit. Someone who will actually care about your feelings. Someone who will not be afraid to open their heart and let you know how they really feel about you.

Be alone until you find someone who will support every step that you take. Someone who will inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Someone who will support your decisions and celebrate your small victories. Someone who won’t be intimidated by your ambitions.

It’s true. These people are very rare to find nowadays.

But the wait is always worth it.

For life is simply too short to be unhappy. And, guess what? We only get one…

Stephanie Reeds