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In A Happy And Fulfilling Relationship, Disrespect Has No Place


Respect is the most essential aspect of any healthy, happy, and loving relationship. Because being in a relationship with someone who has no regard for your feelings and needs and who doesn’t respect your opinions, decisions, and desires means being with someone who is not in love with you. And this is not the kind of person you deserve to be with.

You deserve to be with someone that treats you with kindness, affection, and dignity. Someone that thinks of you and treats you as their equal.

Here are 7 clear signs your partner doesn’t respect you:

1. They’re highly critical of you.

When someone truly loves you, they accept you and cherish you for who you are. They embrace your annoying habits, your quirks, your whims, your insecurities, and your fears. They love you despite your flaws.

So, if your partner often criticizes you for your weaknesses and imperfections, and if they often make you feel like nothing you do is ever good enough, you can be sure that you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you at all.

2. They don’t make an effort to be nice to you.

When someone is truly in love with you, they make an effort to treat you with kindness, patience, and compassion. They make an effort to treat you with affection and respect. They make an effort to resolve even the most bitter conflicts with you politely and effectively. They make an effort to tell you even the harshest truths kindly.

So, if your partner makes no effort to be kind to you, then this shows how much they love you.

3. They make decisions for you.

If your partner often makes decisions, like housing-related or financial ones, without asking for your opinion first, this could be a red flag. In a healthy, harmonious, and successful relationship, partners make decisions, both small and big, together. You don’t act like you’re the one who always knows what the right decision to make is and you don’t act like you’re the one who is always right about everything.

4. They treat your loved ones with disrespect.

It’s not that your partner has to get along with or always agree about everything with all of your friends or your entire family. But, if they understand how much you love your family and friends and how much they mean to you, they’ll make sure they always treat them with respect. They’ll make sure they respect their opinions, no matter how much they differ from their own.

So, if your partner doesn’t treat your loved ones with respect and kindness, this means that they don’t respect you either.

5. They don’t listen to you when you talk to them.

When you talk to your partner, do they listen attentively to you? Do they show that what you have to say matters to them? Do they actively participate in the conversation sharing their own opinions, ideas, and perspectives with you?

Well, if you’ve answered all of the above-mentioned questions with a yes, good for you. It means your partner respects both you and your opinions. But, if you’ve answered them with a no, then this is a sure sign that your partner doesn’t respect you nor your opinions and ideas.

6. They refuse to compromise.

If you feel like you are the one who is always willing to make compromises, this could mean that your partner thinks that their needs and desires are more important than yours.

What you always need to remember is that healthy, happy, and successful relationships are about compromise. You should never be the only one that has to compromise and give things up. Your partner should be willing to make compromises and give up things too. Because this is how you build a healthy, strong, and long-lasting relationship.

7. They blame you for their actions.

One trait that all mature and responsible individuals have in common is that they always take responsibility for their actions.

So, if your partner rarely does this, if they hardly ever admit and take responsibility for their mistakes and they pin the blame for them and their bad behavior on you, then this is a sure sign that they don’t respect you nor your feelings.

Riley Cooper