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She No Longer Needs You Because You Taught Her How To Be Alone


You taught her how to be alone every time you didn’t show for her. Every time she called you and you didn’t pick the phone. Therefore, don’t act surprised when she no longer calls you because you taught her to only count on herself.

Now, she spends her time focusing on herself and her goals. She goes out with her friends instead of you. Why? Because you were never present. You never cared for her. You didn’t listen to her. You were canceling plans. Your flakiness taught her that you were never going be there for her when she needs you and that’s why she learned how to be on her own.

Don’t be surprised when you see her doing and planning things without you because you taught her that whenever she asked you to do something together: you taught her that you will always say no. Your ‘no’ was her ‘yes’ to planning a future for herself without you in it.

She no longer misses you when you are gone because she got accustomed to you not being there. Plus, she learned the hard way that her presence means nothing to you, and so she decided to walk away from you and follow her dreams.

She lives her life now, free of worry and anxiety. She enriches her life with positive experiences and she finally sees the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel you put her through, draining her of all her energy and happiness.

Therefore, please, don’t be surprised when she ignores your calls and text messages. You’ve been doing that for years to her. She was the one who was always willing to forgive you and find a reason to stay. She was the one who was working on the relationship with you, but she was working alone.

Now, she finally realized her worth. Now her eyes are wide open. Now she realizes you were taking her for granted and you never respected her. And she knows that she will find someone who will give her all the love, trust, and respect she deserves.

You taught her how to stop loving you and start loving herself instead, so don’t be surprised to see that she no longer has feelings for you. You turned cold her heart that once was burning with passion and love for you. It is all your fault and so, please stay away from her and don’t bother her with your presence. You had your chance.


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Mary Wright