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Instead Of Toys, Give Your Kids Unforgettable Experiences

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Who says that presents for kids should only be toys or clothes? Why not gift your kid with a wonderful experience that they will never forget? If you need help, below is a list of 30 things you could do for your kids that will enrich their lives. 

1. Zoo membership

2. Children’s theater season passes

3. A plane ticket to visit someone special (grandma, aunt, etc.)

4. Trip to the bookstore to pick out new books

5. Swim lessons

6. Trampoline jump passes

7. Cooking class for kids

8. Pottery making classes

9. A train ride to somewhere they’ve never been

10. Flower or herb seeds to plant a garden

11. Musical instrument + lessons

12. Payment for summer camp

13. Indoor rock-climbing experience

14. A language learning app or software

15. Gift for charity, let the child decide where to give

16. Tickets for Disney on Ice

17. Camping gear for a weekend away

18. A hot air balloon ride

19. Movie gift card for the local theatre

20. Passes to the local waterpark

21. Whale watching day trip

22. Materials to build a terrarium

23. A camera to use for adventures

24. Tickets + gear for sports team

25.  Kid-friendly cooking set for home

26. Ceramic painting class

27. Tickets for child + friend for a local play

28. Pass to an art museum

29. Horseback riding lesson

30. A season pass to an attraction (Disneyland, Island of Adventure, etc.)

How many of these experiences have you given to your children? Share with us in the comment section. 


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