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A Groundbreaking New Study Has Linked Panic Attacks To Vitamin Deficiencies


Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Something may happen at home or at work that can put you on edge and set your stress levels soaring. This becomes a much bigger problem, however, when you find that you’ve become anxious constantly. Then, what was once minor stress can become full-blown anxiety accompanied by unbearable panic attacks.

Understandably, living with panic attacks is a difficult life to lead. According to research, however, ridding yourself of them may be easier than you think. A groundbreaking new study has linked panic attacks to vitamin deficiencies.

The Study Behind It

Living in fear of panic attacks is detrimental to your wellbeing. Even the National Institute of Mental Health has said that “worry about panic attacks and the effort spent trying to avoid attacks, causes significant problems in various areas of the person’s life.” Thankfully, a study which was conducted by Okayama University Medical School may have found the solution.

The researchers behind this study observed patients who visited the emergency room due to severe panic attacks or panic induced hyperventilation. For each of these patients, they checked their levels of iron and vitamin B6. Then, they compared these measurements with a control group of people who had healthy levels of both.

Astonishingly, their findings showed a stark difference between both groups. They found that vitamin B6 and iron levels were drastically lower in the group who suffered from panic attacks.

Understanding Panic Attacks

For some, they experience panic attacks so frequently that it could happen several times a day. For others, it may only happen once in their entire life. Similarly, some people know exactly what’s happening to them, while others don’t. In cases where the sufferer doesn’t understand what’s happening to them, it can feel as awful as having a heart attack.

These attacks occur differently for different people. The main symptoms that are most widely reported, however, are a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, cold sweats, and feeling a weight on the chest.

Most people who experience these also have an existing anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Despite that, you don’t need to have anxiety to suffer from a panic attack. A stressful or traumatic event can be the catalyst for anyone to have one of these attacks. 

Getting Better

This study is an invaluable discovery to the medical and psychological worlds. Thanks to it, we now know that there are more ways that sufferers can try to prevent panic attacks. Since it could be due to iron and vitamin B6 deficiencies, eating a balanced diet may be a viable solution.

Some people may eat a healthy diet but have problems with absorbing these two things. In cases like that, it’s best to speak to your doctor to find the right supplement for you. From that point on, you may even find that your anxiety and panic attacks will improve.

Although increasing your levels of vitamin B6 and iron may not cure anxiety, this study shows that it could be a huge help to many people. Anxiety disorders are a serious issue and understanding how to treat them is fundamental. If you do suffer from panic attacks, try changing your diet or taking health supplements. It could be the answer that you’ve been searching for.

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