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Raising Your Children Near Their Grandparents Is The Greatest Gift You’ll Ever Give Them


When I was a child, I didn’t have a lot of family around me. My grandparents on my mother’s side had passed away before I was born, and those on my father’s side lived in another country. Whenever I finally got to take a plane with my parents to visit them, it felt like a dream come true.

However, eventually our visit would end, and I would have to say goodbye to my relatives. It was so hard to live so far away from them. Because of that, I made sure not to put my kids through the same experience. If you have the opportunity to live near family, then do. Trust me, raising your children near their grandparents is the greatest gift you’ll give them.

It’s Given My Children Friendship

Grandparents are so much more than family. They’re friends that children can go to when they need it. Although they may not be fit enough to run around the house playing hide and seek, they’ll still tell your kids stories and make them laugh.

I know for a fact that seeing their grandpa and grandma is my kids’ favorite part of their day. From the moment that my sons wake up, the first thing that they ask me is when they can see them again. All they want is to go and visit their best friends, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

Thankfully for them, we do get to visit their grandparents almost every day. On the days when I tell my kids that “it won’t be today,” I still get to tell them that it will be “tomorrow” or “on Sunday.” The excitement in their eyes every single time is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

Our Family is Stronger Now

Being able to raise my boys so close to their grandparents is a privilege. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that ability, and I am so glad that I do. Because of it, our family is closer than I could have ever imagined. We’re not just family members scattered around the country that only get to see each other at the holidays. On the contrary, we’re one giant, connected family.

Let’s be honest, my children’s grandparents won’t live forever. That’s why it’s so important to me that we make the most of the time that we have left with them. I want my kids to have endless fond memories of their grandpa and grandma that they can look back on for years to come.

As well as that, I want my kids to have people that they can turn to. I’m not under the illusion that they will always want my help because at some point they won’t. When that happens, I’m glad that there’s someone I trust who can give them advice, support them, and be there for them.

When you’re a parent, all you want is to make sure that your kids are happy and healthy. That’s why it’s so important to do whatever you can to bring them joy. For my kids, nothing means more to them than being able to see their grandparents so often. Truly, it’s a gift that I wish everyone was able to give to their children. If you can, then please do. It will be the best decision that you ever make.

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Eva Jackson