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A Letter To All The Amazing Grandmothers Out There


Most people have heroes, and they’re usually some kind of celebrity or public figure. I myself have a hero that I look up to, but they’re not some famous person you’d see on television or hear on the radio. Mine is, and always will be, my grandmother.

I’m not the only person to have been blessed with a wonderful grandmother. There are so many of these women all over the world who would do anything for their grandchildren. This is a letter to all the amazing grandmothers out there to say thank you for all that they do for us.

You Are The Greatest Examples

To all the grandmothers out there, you’ve shown us how to navigate the world, even when times are tough. We watch the way that you all act and learn from your examples. Even though you’ve aged, you keep going about your days and make the most of your time.

Along with all that, you are some of the most generous people in the whole world. No matter what, you embrace everyone with open arms and a warm smile. You teach us how to be strong, how to be giving, and how to care unconditionally about others. We are all so blessed to have teachers as wonderful as you.

You Show Us How to Love Ourselves

It never matters to you how we look or feel. Even on days where our hair is a mess, our clothes aren’t ironed, and we feel like trash, you still love us. You think that we’re beautiful on our best and on our worst days. Although we may hate how we look in the photos that you keep of us, it warms our hearts to know that you love us enough to keep them.

When we fail, you don’t judge us. Instead, you remind us of all that we’ve accomplished in the past. You praise us for trying and encourage us to keep working hard, even if we didn’t succeed in everything that we wanted to. You give us the confidence to be whatever and whoever we want to be because we have you cheering us all on.

We’re So Glad to Have You

Life is turbulent and confusing. Things change, we love and lose, people hurt us and lie to us. Throughout it all, we always have one thing that we can count on. We always have our grandmothers there to comfort us and tell us that it will all be okay.

You would do anything for us and we know that. Although it may seem sometimes that we take everything you do for granted, just know that it all means the world to us. Our grandmothers mean everything to us. You are our closest family and our best friends and we are thankful every day for that.

I would be completely lost without my grandmother. As a child, she spoiled me rotten, made me laugh, and filled my childhood with happy memories. Now, as an adult, she’s still with me, making me smile and supporting me throughout everything that I do. To all the amazing, strong, and kind grandmothers out there – thank you.

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Eva Jackson