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One Day You’ll Meet A Person Who Will Feel Like Home To You And Everything Will Be Okay


There will come the day when you’ll meet a person who will not only want to spend the night with you but will also be excited and happy to share their mornings with you.

A person who will be different than anyone you’ve ever met because they will break down your walls and make you wonder why you were afraid of love in the first place.

Someone who will see their future when they look into your eyes. Someone who can read your mind and know what you are feeling just by the way the muscles on your face move.

That will be a union that you won’t know when or how it happened, but it did and it’s the most wonderful connection that you’ve ever had.

One day, you’ll meet someone who will be happy to have you in their life, and you’ll be happy too.

A person with whom you’ll talk about anything without holding back. You will share your insecurities, fears, ambitions, and dreams with them because you’ll be feeling like you’ve known them since forever.

That one person who will break you open, making you feel raw, vulnerable and make you feel all those deep emotions that you thought you’ll never experience.

When you look at them, you’ll feel calm. You’ll feel peaceful. Everything that was making you worry in the past will be gone now. Suddenly, everything will make sense to you. You’ll realize that every failed relationship was leading you to this person who fits your life perfectly.

Moreover, you will find yourself in a position where you will feel all the things they are feeling. You’ll notice the pain they’ve endured, you’ll see all the wounds on their skin and how many they had their heart broken. And you’ll feel angry at those who broke their heart. And you’ll understand that while you can’t take away all the hurt from their soul, you can promise to make your future together better.

And you’ll realize that your life would be a mess if anything were to happen to them.

Because you love them.

Because they feel like home to you.

Because when you two met, everything fell perfectly into place.

Mary Wright