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One Day All The Love You’ve Given To Others Will Come Back To You


I am sure that all the text messages and calls you sent that were coldly and uncaringly left unanswered, ignored and left on “seen” will return to you in the sweetest and most loving way.

They will find their way back to you because this wonderful Universe works like that. And they will come to you in a consistent way that won’t leave you wondering or feeling confused. You’ll know in your heart that those words, calls, and texts are real and honest. That every emotion is real.

I am sure that all those nights you spent awake, waiting for a call or a text that never came will turn into hours and hours of long conversations with someone who just can’t stop talking to you.

It will not be only you who is starting the conversations. You won’t feel like you are the only one who is trying desperately to keep the conversation between you going. It will be mutual. You both will be going to sleep and waking up with the biggest smile on your face because you can’t wait to hear their each other’s voice again.

I am sure that all those canceled dates will be replaced with the best dates of your life.

Because you’ll have the best company in the world next to you. Everything will be so beautiful, and the conversation will run so smoothly that time will be flying. You’ll stay until the last restaurant closes. You’ll forget about every bad date you had because your partner will make you feel special. They will make time for you and want to experience every single thing with you that makes you happy. They will be someone with whom you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll have a second date because they will already be planning all the dates they on which they want to take you.

I am sure that all those years you’ve felt unloved, unwanted, misunderstood, and invisible will be replaced with many years of being in love with someone who sees your worth.

Someone who respects you and your feelings and doesn’t think that you are “too much.” Someone who doesn’t consider you a hopeless romantic or overly sensitive. Someone who will appreciate you and the amazing traits you have. Someone who doesn’t want you to change because they fell in love with the way you are. Someone who loves every bit of you.

I am sure that all those tears you wasted crying over people who left you out in the cold and broke your heart will be wiped off by a love that is true and pure.

You will find love, happiness, serenity, peace, and security. All in one person. The love between you will exceed all your expectations. You won’t have to worry about whether they end up leaving you.

And this is the kind of love a person finds because of all the heartbreak they’ve gone through, all the times they believed, all the love they gave selflessly and received nothing in return.

This love that will find you in the end, will make you believe again. And you’ll realize that nothing you have was wasted in vain. You had to give all that love and get your heart broken so that the Universe could give you everything you prayed for and more.

Mary Wright