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To The Special Someone Who Will Love Me One Day


I wonder where I will meet you. Maybe, in a bookstore when I am grabbing a book, or at my favorite coffee shop where I feel at home. Or perhaps, I’ll meet you at the park where I am doing my morning walk and you are walking your dog. Or maybe, we’ll meet someplace else, unexpectedly, and our lives will change from that moment.

So, this is for you – the one who will love me one day.

I want to let you know that I can be a pain in the a** sometimes. I have sharp edges and an overthinking mind that can sometimes create unnecessary drama. But I also have soft spots. I have a kind and loving heart that will take care of you and love you with all its power.

There will be moments when I’ll feel anxious and I’ll just want to crawl under the covers and not deal with anyone. During those solitary moments, I am calming my racing heart and gathering my thoughts. I must do that to recapture my positivity and optimism and remind myself that I am worthy of love and I must stop questioning everything.

I will wait for you. You – who’ll show me the beauty of the little things. The one who’ll understand me in the moments when I can’t understand myself. You – the person who listens to me, hugs me, holds me, kisses me, makes me happy. The one who calms my demons. The one who will buy me a chocolate when I am feeling down and will stay with me holding me tightly, not letting go.

The one who will love me for who I am – virtues and imperfections.

This is for you – the one who is brave and courageous to stand next to me so that we two can conquer the world and follow our dreams. The one who will choose me, every day.

You – who’ll be my greatest partner, supporter, cheerleader, lover, confidant, and my best friend. And I to you, of course.

Mary Wright