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I’ve Learned The Hard Way That Sometimes Patiently Waiting Is Better Than ‘Seizing The Day’


Our modern Western society hates to wait. That’s why the whole internet is overloaded with quotes like “seize the day,” “grab the opportunity,” “don’t wait to make things happen, make them happen,” and so on.

As for me, I have also been an impatient person my whole life. Only recently I started changing my perspective on things. I was someone who was always chasing after things that I wanted. I’ve made a plan on how I wanted my life to unfold – graduate from college, find a job that I love, get married to someone I love, and start a family together – and I was doing everything to chase that plan.

However, I forgot how random life can be and that not everything happens as we have planned. And when I was facing obstacle after obstacle, then I realized how being able to stay patient and wait can save you from hurt and disappointments.

Waiting and being patient are one of the most powerful tools if you want to create the life you’ve always wanted.

I get it. We are ego-driven society and our egos are quick to tell us – “do something.” We think that it is always better to do something because we fear that we might miss out on an opportunity. We feel uncomfortable when we wait. In our minds, waiting is a waste of time. We fail to realize that patience is golden and that those who are patient are truly blessed souls.

Our mind also fools us into making mistakes rather than being in a state of “not knowing” because it fears uncertainty.

Today, I want you to look back at all the decisions you’ve made rapidly and without much thinking. How they turned out? Now, look at the decisions you made when you just knew it in your heart that it was the right decision. What changed in your life then?

My point is, that it is always better to wait until your gut tells you what to do. It’s better to wait until your body and soul are in sync and prepared to do it. Your body will always send you a message that you are ready. You just have to listen to it.

Don’t rush through life. Don’t marry someone just because you think that it’s time and they are a good person, but your inner sense tells you otherwise. If you have to talk yourself into doing something, wait! Don’t do it. Give it some time, and you’ll know what to do.

And always, always trust your gut feeling more than you trust your head.

Mary Wright