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I Am Done Waiting For You To Make Up Your Mind


I am done waiting for you to reach out to me. I no longer sit around waiting for you to text me or call me. I realize that if you don’t want to talk to me, it’s your choice. I won’t ever text you again or reach out to you because I did so many times and I am done. I will focus on my life and move forward with it. And if you want to be a part of my life, speak up before it’s too late.

I am done allowing you to always get your way with me. I will no longer rearrange my schedule or change my plans in order to see you. If you want to see me, go on and ask me out. I will not turn you down to get a revenge, but I will honor myself and my previously set up plans. If I don’t have anything else planned, then maybe I’ll go out with you. I decided that I will no longer go out of my way for you.

I am done waiting for you to take our relationship to the next level. If you continue to refer to me as a friend, then I am going to treat you like one. I won’t flirt with you. You can forget our date nights and long kisses. And I know that this makes you crazy because you are used to me falling for you every time and always getting what you want from me. Well, I am no longer that woman. Enough is enough. You will either commit to me in a real way or you can watch me leave. It’s your choice.

I am done feeling like I am not enough. Like there is something wrong with me because you lost interest lately. And it is not fair that our conversations were always one-sided, and it was me who was giving you ego-boosts while all you were doing was making me feel insecure and question my self-worth. I will no longer fight for you. I decided to surround myself only with people who make me feel secure and who add a value to my life, not demean me.

I am done settling for less than I deserve. I am done with the ‘maybes.’ I am done with the excuses. The rollercoaster of emotions. You either make up your mind and be with me in a healthy relationship, or you watch me go. There is no in-between. Not anymore. I lost the patience to play the mind detective. I have no time left for your games. I want only the truth. 

I am done waiting for you to call me yours. You already know how I feel about you. So, either make up your mind or let me go. This show has to stop once and for all.

Mary Wright