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I Know You’re Hurting, But You Must Break Down Before You Can Break Through


Last night I’ve got to thinking about breakdowns and breakthroughs. People say it is always the darkest before the dawn, and I really believe it is true.

Lately, I’ve been going through battles of my own. Battles I’ve told no one about. Silent battles that were killing me from the inside. Last year was one of the hardest years of my life. And I still hurt.

But I believe that everything that happened last year and all the obstacles I am facing today are battles that I had, and I must fight in order to come out as a winner in the end. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is a great and beautiful reason for all the pain that I’ve endured. I know that God has something good for me, that’s why He is preparing me for it.

All dear people who are struggling right now, all my fellow warriors, I know you are hurting. I know you are in pain. I know you are going through a lot of darkness right now, and you can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, I know the feeling too well.

You are battling the tears that come from dealing with people who somehow got under your skin and their toxicity and insensitivity are slowly eating you away.  

You are battling the high demands and responsibilities on your job, dealing with your two-faced colleagues in a super stressful and overwhelming environment.

You are battling the feelings of loneliness that come to you when you come back from work to an empty apartment.

You are battling to find yourself and stay yourself in a world that constantly tries to change you and shape you into someone you are not.

My heroes, all these fights, obstacles, and pain you are facing are paving you the way towards something good. The breakdown always comes before the breakthrough. And you will break through. We will. Trust me.

Because God always has a plan. He wants you to be prepared for the thing that he is holding for you. Because how can you get His reward if you are still vulnerable to hurtful comments, if you have low self-esteem, and you are surrounded by negativity and bitterness?

A change must take place. You must heal. You must become stronger and resilient before you can get to the place you are meant to be.

Therefore, please do not give up. Continue fighting. Fight for yourself.

There will be bad days, bad people, bad experiences. But all those things are there to teach you that quitting is not an option and make you stronger than ever.

I don’t know to whom this will apply, who got their heart broken today, who lost a loved one, who has suicidal thoughts… but please know that you are not alone.

Rise! Rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Shine in all your greatness.

And remember, you must break down before you reach the breakthrough.

Mary Wright