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If You Are Not Happy Where You Are Right Now, Change It! You’re Not A Tree


Many times, in life, we settle for what is believe is right, convenient, and safe. We are afraid to make a change. We are terrified of going out of our comfort zone and facing the world without the comfort that we’ve been used to.

We fear moving on because we just can’t leave people or places we know behind. So, we sacrifice ourselves and our happiness by remaining captives of our own and wasting our lives in the wrong place when we really should be running forward and moving on.

If you are not happy where you are – move! You are not a tree. You are not meant to be stuck and stay in one place forever.

If the people around you don’t make you happy, leave them behind. If every time you meet them you have a gnawing feeling that something is not right, walk away. Don’t allow them to get to you and waste your time. Don’t let them rob you of your positive energy.

And it’s not like you are completely cutting them out from your life, but you are deciding to not spend time around people who make you feel emotionally, physically, or mentally drained. You are no longer settling for mediocre connections, conversations, and people.

If your job makes you feel miserable and unhappy, quit. If you can no longer learn and grow in your job, then move on and find a new one. Staying at a job that makes you feel sad, anxious, and depleted is toxic for you. Regardless of the salary, you shouldn’t spend one-third of your day feeling unhappy. That’s a lot of trouble and giving of yourself. Don’t do it. Your happiness is what defines your success. If you are not happy, you cannot be successful in life. You may be successful at your job, but you will never feel fulfilled inside.

If you don’t feel happy in the city you live in, move. Don’t stay in a place just because it’s familiar and comfortable. If you are only staying because that place is your safety net and you are afraid of moving on, well you should really rethink your choices. Because when you are the most afraid to jump that’s exactly when you should jump. Otherwise, you’ll forever be stuck in one place. Because home is where you feel happy, not where you feel safe.

If your love relationship makes you hurt and said, end it. Your partner is not the last person on Earth. A relationship is more than midnight kisses, holding hands, sweet texts, and dinner dates. A love relationship should make you shine, flourish, and inspire you to be a better person. To grow. To mature. It’s not supposed to make you sad, inflict you pain, or weigh you down. Therefore, you should never stay in a toxic relationship. You need a healthy on, mature one, loving one, inspiring one, one that makes you feel like you’re on heaven. Don’t settle for less.

If you are not happy with your life path, change it. Whether it’s your career path or your college degree, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel that you’ve made a wrong choice – stop for a moment and change the direction. Don’t waste time, money, and effort on something that doesn’t make your soul sing with joy. Even if it means that you’ll lose another year before graduation, or you need to start from scratch – do it! And do it when you are unhappy with your choice. Do it and choose wisely the next time.

If how you see your life makes you sad, change your perspective. Start looking at life with a different point of view. Don’t stress over things you can’t control and focus on yourself and what you can do to make yourself feel good. Change your pessimistic view with an optimistic one and see how everything changes for the better.

Therefore, MOVE! Move from anything or anyone that doesn’t make you feel happy.

Mary Wright