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Be Strong Enough To Leave When There Is Nothing Left To Hold On To


You are a person who knows how to love. Someone whose eyes always see the good in others. Someone whose hands are big enough to hug the whole world, a smile that can brighten up the whole room, and a heart soft enough that can warm up the coldest of places.

You never hold back when it comes to love because that’s who you really are.

When you are in a relationship, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are open, and your unconditional love and caring are what draws people to you. You love hard, and sometimes to the point of inflicting pain to yourself. And sometimes you love hard people who don’t deserve your love.

Sadly, someone with a heart as big as yours can end up feeling lonely and empty. That’s because sometimes you fall into relationships that are bad for you. Relationships that end up hurting you in the end and breaking your heart.

Your love is so deep and pure, and you should be loved with a love just as deep and pure.

You shouldn’t accept anything less than that. If you find yourself being in a relationship with a person that doesn’t respect you, a person who physically or emotionally hurts you, or who doesn’t see your worth treats you disrespectfully, then please be strong enough to leave.

You are worthy of love. You deserve to be respected and valued for who you are. Because you are a person of value and strong integrity.

You are not a 3 am text. You are not a booty call. You are not an option.

You are someone who deserves happiness, love, and peace. You deserve to be valued and respected for the wonderful person that you are. And if you are not treated the way you deserve, then please be strong enough and walk away.

Relationships are hard. They overwhelm, confuse, cause worry and mess, and make your heart skip a beat. However, at the end of the day, what matters most is that your relationship should enrich your life, not rob you of your happiness.

You should be with someone who loves you, loves your life, and makes you love yourself.

If a relationship isn’t making you happy and fulfilled, it’s time to let go. Let go of them, their touch, their kisses, their presence. Let go of their hurtful nature and all the pain they’ve caused. Let go of that empty feeling you get when you are around them. Let. Go.

Be strong enough and move on with your life. Know your worth and never accept a shitty behavior in your life.

You cannot keep on doing this to yourself. You cannot destroy yourself like that. Deep down, you know that they are not right for you. You know that all they bring to the table is heartache.

So please, be kind to yourself and strong enough to leave them and leave anything that doesn’t make you happy. Focus on yourself instead. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Because you are a good person. You are someone who deserves only the best kind of love.

Mary Wright