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I Wanted To Be Happy, That’s Why I Moved On From You


Have you ever felt so tired and stressed out that you feel like you can’t go on? Like everywhere you go there is someone who is sucking up your energy and leaving you feeling empty.

Well, I’ve been there. I’ve given my time and energy freely to toxic people who were leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. People who were not enriching my life in any way. People who were only taking from me without giving anything in return.

Selfish ones. Immature ones. Toxic ones.

It took a very long time of being emotionally and energetically drained until I finally gave up. I noticed that I had become so negative and resentful that everything started to bother me. I started feeling anxious for no apparent reason. My mood swings became so regular that I was risking losing the people around me who loved me and cared about me.

It took some time to get myself out of my misery and back on my feet. To realize that I need to stop with all the madness and regain my power and strength. Because oftentimes we forget that losing toxic people is not a loss. It’s a blessing. 

Romantic relationships are no different. Losing a toxic partner, someone who we love so deeply and passionately can feel like the end of the world. Breaking up with them is one of the hardest things that a person can go through. However, it is also something that the more you try to avoid from happening, the more unhappy you’ll be, and the pain will only grow stronger and stronger.

When it comes to love and relationships, it is not easy to leave one because we become emotionally invested in it. We give so much to someone who we want to build future with that we often overlook the things that are wrong.

And the only solution for coming out of all that chaos is… MOVING ON and letting things just BE.

Yes, moving on may be scary. Because when you’ve invested so much time, love, and energy – it takes even more to move on. However, regardless of how hard it is, always remember the reason why you are walking away.  

Remember that it isn’t your fault for things not working out. Remember all the bad things they’ve done to you and move the fuck on.

Every time you start wondering whether your moving on was the right decision, say to yourself: “I deserve more.”

As for me, I moved on from the person that I loved dearly because I had to. Because it was starting to feel too heavy. Because our relationship had become stagnant and there was really no point of holding on to something that was slowly dying.

I realized, there are so many beautiful things to experience in this world for me to stay in a relationship that was making me feel sad and unfulfilled.

Going through all the pain requires time to heal and a lot of courage to keep going. But there is no other way to get on the right track. You should keep going. Keep on moving forward without looking back. Be strong and you’ll eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because there is something wonderful waiting for you. Something brighter, lighter. Something that will feel like home to you. Something that won’t leave you feeling drained and empty.

I loved and lost. I asked and the answer was ‘no’. I trusted and got my heart broken. But I am still here and alive. Only smarter and more courageous now.

Because now I know… no matter how many bruises I get, no matter how many times I’ll get hurt – I will never stop trying.

Mary Wright