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The Heartbreaking Reality Of The Toxic Attraction Between An Empath And A Narcissist


In a perfect world, everyone would be matched with their equals. Kind and caring people would be paired with other compassionate souls. Likewise, malicious narcissists would have the misfortune of being with other toxic people. However fair that idea may be, that’s not how life really goes.

Opposites attract, and sadly those opposites can often be detrimental to one another. This is especially true when someone pure finds themselves in love with someone malevolent. This is the heartbreaking reality of the toxic attraction between an empath and a narcissist.

The Empath and the Narcissist

An empath is someone who truly feels the emotions of others. They take on both the happiness and the despair of the people around them and are highly sensitive to all energies. Because of this, they’re healers who will do whatever they can to help and protect people.

In contrast, narcissists are at the completely other end of the spectrum. They’re self-absorbed and entitled people who have no empathy. Since they’re so obsessed with their own needs, they can’t even comprehend thinking of others. This leads them to then use and manipulate people for their own selfish gain without ever feeling guilty for it.

These two personalities are the most opposite that you could ever find. Where empaths are kind and giving, narcissists are spiteful and self-centered. Sadly, they don’t have a single thing in common with one another.

They Come Together Like Magnets

You would think that two people who are so different from one another would never find themselves in each other’s arms. However, that’s simply not the case. In fact, a relationship between these two is actually quite a common occurrence. Their contrasting personalities and behaviors draw each other in like moths to a flame.

The attraction between them is enormous but also highly toxic. Since the empath wants to heal broken people, they’re drawn to the narcissist’s negative energy. Similarly, the narcissist wants someone to use and discard. For that, they find the empath to be the perfect victim.

The attraction between these two can grow to be intense and passionate. However, their relationship will never be able to survive. These two people, although completely crazy about one another, will never work together.

Someone Will Lose

This sort of dynamic in a relationship is like being in a constant battle. The narcissist will suck all the joy out of the empath while they try their best to heal them of their toxic ways. Sadly, in the end, it’s the empath who will lose this fight.

By the end of their relationship, the narcissist will completely drain their partner mentally, spiritually, and physically. They will take everything that there is to take until the empath is left with nothing. Then, when the narcissist has completely destroyed them, they’ll move on without any remorse and find another victim to be a part of their game.

No one wins in the relationship between an empath and a narcissist. Although they can be highly attracted to one another, real love can never grow between them. All that will ever come of it is heartache, fighting, and one person giving while the other one simply takes.

Do you know an empath who’s in a situation like this? Share this article with them and let them know that they deserve to be with someone who’s worthy of their kindness. It’s not their job to heal someone who only wants to destroy them.

Eva Jackson