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8 Reasons Why The Most Intelligent People Are Better Off With Fewer Friends


Our friends are a reflection of our own personality. In other words, we attract what we are and what we are ready for. For example, honest people tend to attract kind, sincere human beings. Mediocre, shallow people become friends with people who understand their superficial needs.

It is, therefore, no surprise that intelligent people prefer the company of sharp-minded, intuitive and intelligent human beings.

But, here’s the thing. Intelligent people are a rarity in the world. And since they are smart enough to make the difference between real people and fake ones, they tend to be very selective with who they spend their time with.

Here are 8 reasons why they are better off with fewer friends:

 1. They say exactly what they feel. Intelligent people have a strong mindset and well-established system of values. They fight for what they believe in. Most importantly, they don’t have a problem saying whatever crosses their minds. Even when their opinions are quite controversial, and their thoughts are the complete opposite of what most people believe in.

2. They don’t have time for small talks, pretended relationships and forced conversations. They don’t keep up with what others are usually up to. They don’t get caught up in the material world.  Because they are not trying to fit it. They have their own separate world. That is why, spending time alone is their definition of happiness.

3. They can see right through people. And that is a gift that helps them distance themselves from people who are not worth their time. Intelligent people have no time for childish games and relationship puzzles. Their main focus has always been and will always be on their own self-development.

4. They don’t like to get involved in drama. Because unlike some people who live for the drama, intelligent people have much more important goals in life. They are interested in living and exploring, not merely surviving. They don’t waste their life doing cheap thrills. They have a purpose greater than just breathing and doing the bare minimum. Socializing interrupts the pursuit of their dreams.

5. They tend to talk less and listen more. As a result, they often find themselves just sitting back and analyzing the world. The fact that most people nowadays tend to speak before they even think or backstab someone to get what they want is what makes them immerse into their solitude and focus their energy on themselves.

6. They know their worth. Intelligent people are human beings who are comfortable their own skin. They are happy with who they are. They are aware of their strengths, but they are also aware of their weaknesses. Seeking validation from other people is not something they would do. These people don’t want to fit in. They strive to stand out.

7. They already have their own small circle of friends who have always been there for them. Friends who know the way their heartbeats. Friends who have stuck with them through thick and thin. Friend who have always been there to pick them up and show them the way. So, why would they waste their time looking for new ones?

8. They are often perceived as a threat because they like to keep things to yourself. People are usually intimidated by intelligent people because to them, they are an unknown territory. Something that they’ve never dealt before. It’s funny though, because intelligent people never ever given other people a reason to feel that way. They are just unapologetically themselves. No matter how unacceptable that is to others.

Stephanie Reeds