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Don’t Take Back The Person Who Once Left – You Deserve Someone Who Will Never Leave You

should you take back someone who left you

I used to think that if someone came back to me after they’ve left that that should mean something. That they were missing me, and so they had to come back because they love me and don’t want to be apart from me. That their life has become so miserable without me in it.

No. Let’s stop being naïve and start seeing things as they are.

The person who left you – left you for a reason and usually, the reason is that they didn’t love you enough in the first place.

The reason they are coming back is that they didn’t find what they were looking for, they started feeling lonely, and here they are – wanting to mend things with you. Don’t fall for that.

Because a person who truly loves you won’t leave you like that. They will fight for you. Yes, there are challenges in every relationship, but for a person who is in love with you, leaving won’t be an option. They will first try to solve everything and won’t give up on you. Because the last thing they want is to lose you.

You deserve someone who will never leave you.

Someone who will stay with you during hard times. Someone who chooses you every single day. You deserve to be with a person who accepts the real you, both your light and your dark sides and loves you for everything you are. Because you make them happy. Because you are everything they’ve ever wanted.

You deserve a partner who realizes your worth. Someone who is not looking to find whether the grass is greener on the other side. Someone who stays loyal to you no matter what.

Because they know what they have when they have you. You are their wish fulfillment and they won’t ever jeopardize what you two have for anything in the world.

It’s easy to be with someone and stay when they are living their best life. But, once the problems come, you see who truly loves you. And it’s not the one who leaves you when you are struggling.

Therefore, next time someone tries to come back into your life – you show them the door. Don’t be tempted to talk with them and hear them out. They have already told you everything you need to know about them. That they are not there to stay.

Don’t give them another chance because you know it in your heart that you deserve someone who will always be by your side. That you deserve someone who doesn’t need to leave you to figure that they “love” you. You are better than that. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t do it. Don’t take them back. Wait for the one who never leaves.  

Mary Wright