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10 Tragic Signs That You Are Emotionally And Spiritually Wounded


Sometimes, life throws things at us that we’re not ready for. We can have someone that we love choose to betray us, people can abuse us, or the ones that we care about most can leave us. When that happens, we’re left with emotional scars that we fear will never heal. We become traumatized.

More often than not, people carry this trauma for years without realizing that something is wrong. If you’ve been through something awful, here are 10 tragic signs that you are emotionally and spiritually wounded.

1. You Feel Numb Sometimes

Everything that you feel, you feel deeply and intensely. Your sadness is overwhelming, and your anger is often explosive and chaotic. Despite that, sometimes those emotions disappear. Quite often, and for no apparent reason, you just feel nothing.

2. You’re Easily Annoyed

Although you may be a generally calm person, some things just get on your nerves. You have a pretty short fuse that can be lit by even the smallest of occurrences. Sometimes this even causes you to lash out at the people that you love for seemingly no reason.

3. You Feel Hopeless

Sadly, you’ve gotten stuck in the mindset that nothing will ever turn out the way that you want it to. Even worse still, you feel like there’s no point in trying because things will never get any better. Because of this, you don’t fight for yourself and you no longer go after the opportunities that you really want.

4. You Overthink Everything

In your mind, everything has a deeper meaning that you need to uncover. Everything that happens and every sentence that someone speaks to you makes you dissect everything about it. No one overthinks things as much as you do and it’s even disrupting your life now too.

5. Your Sleep Schedule Is All Over the Place

Sometimes you go to bed at 8 pm and wake up and 12 pm. Other times you can’t sleep until 6 am and then wake up 2 hours later. Whatever it may be for you, you’re not sleeping properly and you have no idea how to fix it.

6. You Obsess Over the Negative

Once you begin a pattern of negative thinking, it’s almost impossible to drag yourself out of it again. Unfortunately, that’s the maze that you’ve now found yourself in. Even when things seem bright, you find it difficult to see anything other than darkness.

7. You Tolerate Toxic People

No one should have to deal with toxic people. However, you still put up with them. Whether it’s because you feel guilty for cutting them out of your life, you think that their behavior is normal, or you think that you deserve it, you still keep them around.

8. You Cry Easily

It’s not just random bouts of annoyance that affect you. In addition to that, you constantly feel the need to shed a tear too. Even minor inconveniences have you crying your eyes out. The worst part is that you’re completely powerless to stop it.

9. You’re Defensive

Since you’re always overthinking things, you also second-guess what people are saying to you. Most of the time, you feel like people are attacking you with their words, even if they’re innocent. As a result, you end up fighting back when you really don’t need to.

10. You’ve Stopped Trusting Yourself

Somewhere along the line, you decided that you aren’t worth your own trust. As a result, you always doubt everything that you say, do, or think. Along with that, you don’t trust your own abilities to do anything well enough, even if it’s something that you’ve done before.

Understanding which behaviors are a symptom of trauma can be liberating. By recognizing them, you take the first step to healing. Although it may feel like the world is falling apart right now, trust me when I say that you are strong enough to move on from this. Now, you’re beginning to open your eyes to what’s wrong and soon you’ll learn how to free yourself from your pain. Then, you’ll be able to live a normal life again.

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Eva Jackson