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Don’t Settle Until You Find A Man Who Does These 50 Things


Love is the most extraordinary and liberating feeling in the world. An out-of-this-world sensation. It is something that needs to be felt deeply. A divine feeling that we can only experience if we only let it consume both our body and soul.

But the thing that saddens me the most is the fact that there are more and more people who somewhere down the line have given up on love. It tears me up to see how many young and kind people have decided to settle down for just about anyone rather than waiting for the real thing.

That is why I am determined to help you open your eyes and see what you’re missing out on. Love has to be felt deeply. It has to be all-consuming, passionate and wild. There is no other way to truly experience it.

So, I say, stay alone until you find a person who loves doing these 50 things:

1. Shows interest in you.

2. Asks you on a date and takes you somewhere nice.

3. Opens the door for you.

4. Takes your jacket.

5. Behaves like a true gentleman.

6. Brings you flowers.

7. Walks you to your home.

8. Hold the umbrella for you and makes sure you don’t get wet.

9. Calls to ask if you got home safely.

10. Sends you cute, thoughtful goodnight and good morning messages.

11. Surprises you at work.

12. Introduces you to his closest friends.

13. Invites you to a dinner with his family.

14. Texts you back as soon as he gets your message.

15. Proudly holds your hand and calls you his girlfriend.

16. Looks into your eyes while speaking to you.

17. Kisses you with a fiery passion.

18.Touches you and electrifies your body with his intense energy.

19. Doesn’t rush you into sex. Respects your decision when you feel like it is too soon to get sexual.

20. Kisses your forehead. Showers you with physical affection.

21. Asks you how your day went.

22. Takes you out for a fun night in the city when you’ve been feeling blue.

23. Takes care of you when you’ve had too much to drink.

24. Plans a weekend adventure in the mountains.

25. Remembers the things you love, like and the things you dislike.

26. Pays attention to those small things that make you happy.

27. Listens to you when there are a lot of things on your mind.

28. Curls up to you and hugs you tight when you feel like you want to cry your soul out.

29. Supports your work. Celebrates your successes. Picks you up when you fall and motivates you to keep moving.

30. Lights a fire inside your heart every time your eyes meet.

31. Awakes those butterflies in your tummy every time your hand touch.

32. Inspires you.

33. Opens up his soul to you.

34. Sticks with you through thick and thin.

35. Doesn’t hesitate to show affection in public.

36. Admires your independency.

37. Doesn’t feel intimidated by your confidence.

38. Trusts you completely. Never lets anything stands between the both of you.

39. Makes you laugh until your stomach hurt and you start crying.

40. Loves to wake up next to you and cuddle you while you’re half asleep.

41. Always works through your fights and finds a way to make a compromise.

42. Values honesty and loyalty.

43. Has deep, emotional conversations with you.

44. Makes time in his busy agenda to see you.

45. Tells you how proud he is to have someone like you.

46. Knows when and how to apologize.

47. Chooses you each and every day all over again.

48. Helps you get out of your comfort zone and open your wings.

49. Makes you realize why everything before him didn’t make sense to you.

50. Says I love you and he means it.

Stephanie Reeds