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30 Old-Fashioned Relationship Habits That Are Rare, But Still Apply Today


You’ve all seen and experienced the true face of the world we’re living in. The truth is, we (try) to exist in a brutal, insensitive society that only takes without giving anything in return.

Good people are very hard to find. Honesty is considered a weakness. Relationships are not sustainable. Saying yes does not mean together for all eternity, but rather until we hit the first rock along the way and bailout.

However, even though it seems like the golden era of true love and old-school relationship habits might have gone away with the last generations, to my surprise and utmost pleasure, it still exists.

Here are 30 old-fashioned, relationship habits we should never ever forget:

1. Dress up for him. The man who loves you for who you are will love you even with mud on your face. He will adore your imperfections and flaws. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t doll yourself up every once in a while, and surprise him.

2. Thoughtful, romantic gestures for her. It doesn’t have to be something luxurious or expensive to make her fall head over heels in love with you, all over again. A simple kiss in the forehead, a homemade dinner or a candlelit bedroom can do the trick.

3. Compliments. Believe me, they never go out of style. You may think that your woman/man is the most gorgeous/ handsome person alive but saying that out loud would mean more to them.

4. Let the man take the lead for once. Just like in those old times. I am all in for feminism and equal rights, but there are some things that we shouldn’t mess with. Like opening car doors, pulling a chair or making that first, initial move. It’s called balance.

5. Flowers, flowers, flowers. Let’s not forget the power surprise bougets have. Buying flower for no reason shows just how much someone means to you. You thought of them and decided that you were going to brighten their day with something they might like. These people are rare, but they exist.

6. Pay attention. And I mean it. Nothing beats an honest, eye-to-eye conversation. Never forget to ask your partner how their day went. Share your experience. But, most importantly, learn to listen without replying.

7. Greet each other when you come home. Is there anything more precious and heart-warming than hearing your lover say Honey, I’m home, after a long and exhausting day at work?


8. Enjoy home-cooked, romantic meals at home. Nowadays, you can pay to do everything and go everywhere. And that is exactly what makes these traditional, family values, such as cooking and eating lunch together, so special. It has been scientifically proven that eating together increases intimacy and bonds partners more than anything else. Don’t ever let go of these old-fashioned habits.

9. Spend quality time together. Whatever it is that makes your souls flourish, do it. And do it more often. Whether it is going to the cinema, hiking, camping or dancing, spending quality time on something that we love helps us grow and evolve.

10. Respect each other’s personal space. No, couples should not be glued to one another. Spending some time apart from our partners can help us reflect on our desires and give us the needed space to find ourselves.

11. Hold onto someone who makes you laugh until you cry and your stomach hurts. It is simple. Couples who know how to enjoy themselves in every moment and make jokes at each other’s accounts, stay together.

12. Surprise each other with gifts. It doesn’t even have to be something expensive or bought for that matter. A hand-written card means much more than the finest diamond out there. It’s always the effort that counts more.

13. Keep the spark alive by maintaining eye contact. Look into each other’s eyes. What do you feel? They say, eye contact is what sets our souls on fire. Don’t you agree?

14. Hold hands. The only way to get more intimate with your lover is by logging off and actually being there. Plus, there’s nothing more romantic than holding hands and taking a walk on a cold Saturday night.

15. Be more intimate. As I already said, intimacy can only be sparked up if the both of you work hard to make that happen. Stop scrolling your feed, turn off your phone, tv or any device that is distracting you and pay attention to your loved one.

16. Be chivalrous. Because no matter how modern this century may be, good manners kindness and respect can never go out of style.

17. Experiment more. When you’ve been in a relationship for a lot of time, it is perfectly normal to feel like your sexual desire is decreasing and your sex life has become just a routine. But that shouldn’t scare you. It should motivate you to experiment more and find a way to spice up your love life.

18. Choose the partner wisely. I’m not saying, “be picky”, but rather “be selective of who gets to hold the key to your heart and share their life with you”

19.Make a pro and a con list before engaging in a relationship. Even though it may sound unromantic, making this list can be very helpful when it comes to choosing the person who gets to stay in your life.

20. Be more realistic. Don’t settle for just about anyone. But, try to maintain a realistic point of view. Don’t write people off just because you don’t like the way they chew. Give them a chance to show you who they are.

21. Take things a bit slower. Don’t be quick to jump in the sack. Take your time to truly get to know the person. Go out. Have fun. Talk about subjects that interest you.

22. Be honest with each other. Because communication and mutual understanding are the keys to a healthy and loving relationship.

23. Listen to each other’s problems. Just be there and give them a chance to share their burden. Listen without replying. Sometimes it’s all a person needs.

24. Write cute notes and letters. It may sound like someone born in the last century would do but let me tell you something… Hand-written, honest letters are the most romantic thing you can do for the one you love. Express your love the way your grandpa did. You’ll see why it worked out.

25. Split the household/marriage chores. You’re both equals, so start behaving like that. Household chores aren’t specifically reserved for the woman in the relationship. Learn to split the chores the same way you split the bills.

26. Stick together through thick and thin. Look after one another. Be a team. Fight against all obstacles!

27. Never ever share your personal issues with other people. Don’t spill your drama in public. Keep those things to yourself.

28. Slow-dance in the kitchen. Or in the bedroom. Or on the street. Or at the restaurant. Wherever you feel like it. Embrace and cherish that moment.

29. Bring back French kissing. Don’t be embarrassed to get out of your comfort zone and properly kiss the person you love.

30. Pay attention to those little things that mean the world to some. The way she drinks her tea or eats her soup. The kind of movies she hates, or songs she loves. Pay attention to these seemingly small things. They mean a lot to some.

Stephanie Reeds