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Being Faithful Is More Than Just Being Physically Involved With One Person


Many people out there believe that faithfulness is simply being physically involved with one person. They believe that cheating does not count if they weren’t sexually involved with someone else besides their partner. And if you ask me, that right there is the reason why this society’s values are twisted and oh, so wrong.

Being faithful to another person is much more than not sleeping around. There is something way more important than anything else. It is called emotional fidelity and it is considered the foundation of every monogamous relationship.

I define it as a deep emotional connection with another human being, a commitment to another soul and a promise that they will always be your number one on your priority list.

Being faithful means not engaging in harmless, flirty conversations with someone else just because you are flattered that someone noticed you. It is not feeling the need to even think about other people in your life. It’s telling that person who is hitting on you that you are not interested. Because you know that there’s no place you’d rather be than beside your loving partner.

Being faithful means deleting all of your silly dating apps because you no longer need them. It means not being attracted by anyone else except your lover. It means cutting ties with every single person that you were in an open relationship with and stating that you no longer want that. Because after all those years of failed, dysfunctional relationships, one-night stands, emotionally unavailable partners, you’ve finally found your ‘forever’ person.

Being faithful means being completely honest with your partner about your feelings. It’s letting them know that you’ve bumped into your ex or that some random person at the bar just hit on you and asked for your number. It means letting every out in the open, even the things that might make you feel uncomfortable because that is the only way for you to trust each other.

Being faithful means proudly wearing your engagement ring, holding your partner’s hand and keeping your relationship status public without feeling uncomfortable that people will know that you are taken. It means not needing the attention of others because you already have everything that you’ve ever asked for.

Being loyal to another human being does not mean that you can’t talk to another person, have friends of the opposite sex, text another person, or like their photo on Instagram. That is possessiveness. And it has nothing to do with faithfulness. The problem begins when you start hiding texts or deleting phone calls, or even start developing certain emotions about another person.

When that happens, then something is really wrong. That behavior may not be technically cheating, but it is still cheating. Emotional cheating. Which is way worse than being physically involved with someone else, if you ask me.

Always remember. Being faithful is much more than giving someone the exclusive right to touch your body. It means committing to one person and undressing your soul to them only. Choosing them as your ‘forever’ person.

More importantly, being faithful is making a decision that your love for that human being outweighs your desire to be with someone else.

Stephanie Reeds