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Do You Ever Feel Like A Misfit? Here’s Why It’s Okay To Be Different


Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? Do you feel like an outsider? Like a misfit?

Do you ever feel like you are a social oddball, a fringe dweller, an alien, a human dropout? A lone wolf who goes through life feeling disconnected and isolated?

The feelings of isolation bring a sense of longing and a need for freedom, for support, for acceptance, for a safe place that can be called ‘home’.

Yes, you may have been feeling like you don’t belong for a very long time. Of course, sometimes that feeling might go away, and you feel happy for a moment, but the feeling of not belonging somehow always returns. And then, there are the times when that feeling is so consuming that it makes you feel completely empty inside.

If you relate to all of this, then the main reason why you are feeling this way is not that there is something terribly wrong with you. You are not flawed. You are not defective. On the contrary, being a misfit is a great thing. And here’s why.

The main and the most important reasons why you feel like an outsider is because you have an awakened soul. We all have souls but not all of us have a deep connection with our soul. Therefore, if you feel like a misfit, it is likely that you are spiritually awakened and a person who is highly sensitive and receptive of energies.

You know how to isolate your ego from experiencing reality. That’s why you don’t understand other people’s obsession with fame, money, status, and power. That feels so unnatural to you because you see how phony, selfish, and cruel these people can be.

You crave for a safe place. A home. Someplace where you can be completely yourself and free from all judgment. Someplace where you won’t feel strange, different, or unworthy… And do you know where that place is? It’s your soul.

The mere fact that you feel like you don’t fit is an indicator that you are capable of experiencing true love, compassion, and freedom. That means your soul is mature. You can see so clearly beyond everyone else’s pretensions and you just know that there is always something more to everything.

You are a curious freethinker.

Sadly, the majority of people still thinks that being an outsider is bad and best is to stay safely in the comfort zone, confined within our species.

However, those who are regarded as “misfits” know that always following the rules leads to an unfulfilled and miserable life. Therefore, even though being an outsider sometimes can feel isolating – it’s a sign of living a totally rich, fulfilled, and soulful life.

Because when you follow your soul, it is normal to feel like you don’t belong. And that’s not a bad thing, right?

Mary Wright