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Why There Is No Such Thing as A Perfect Relationship


Relationships are complicated, to say the least, and they require a certain level of maturity and patience in order to be successful. In this digital age, you have probably come across some kind of best dating website template in the world that paints relationships as a walk in the park. But, is there a perfect relationship?

This is a question that you probably have asked yourself when you go through tough times. The short answer is – no, there are no perfect relationships. All of them come with the hurdles that you need to jump, potholes that you need to avoid as well as problems you need to solve. Here is why no relationship can be described as perfect.

1. Both partners are coming from different backgrounds

Both you and your partner come from different families or sometimes even cultures that have different customs, beliefs, and backgrounds. This makes you two very distinct individuals with different views on different issues of life. Nevertheless, if this is handled properly you can live with these differences – taking them as lessons, and consequentially appreciating them.

2. You had a life before the relationship

This is one fact that is totally overlooked by many. You need to realize that each one of you had a life before you met. This needs to be respected and necessary adjustments have to be made in order to accommodate this. Many times, the past is a cause of rifts in relationships as it is not easy for people to let go of certain aspects of their past life and be fully committed to the current relationship.

3. We all need space sometimes

Relationships dictate that you two need to keep in touch for it to remain strong as ever. Dependent on your personality, you may feel as if this is too much and really encroaching into your personal space. This is common and a little distance won’t hurt at all. Everyone likes to have his or her private space all to themselves sometimes.

How to make your relationship work

If you are in a relationship, you definitely think of how you can make it stronger and more long-lasting. This requires effort from both of you in order for it to pull through successfully. There are many things that you can do for your relationship to work including:

1. Exercise patience

You need to be patient with your partner for things to remain tight. Avoid nagging them constantly as it may show that you do not appreciate them enough. Tolerance is crucial and gives them time to make things right without you appearing to be pushy.

2. Respect each other

You can never go wrong with respect as it ensures that certain lines in the relationship are not crossed. This makes it possible for you to discuss issues out maturely without resulting in full-blown arguments.

3. Take time to talk stuff out

If you notice an issue with your partner, it is important that you politely point it out and talk it out. Dialogue is key in such situations and it gives you an insight into your partner’s side of the story. This is good as it makes you less judgmental and more understanding of each of your situations.

To sum up

With the right partner and the right approach to him or her, your relationship can really flourish. There is no perfect relationship, but you can make the best out of it by acknowledging this first and then following the tips above. Who knows, but your relationship may be perfect for the two of you.

David Smith