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Being Faithful Is More Than Not Letting A Person Into Your Bed – It’s Not Letting Someone Near Your Heart


What does faithfulness mean to you?

Is it keeping your hands to yourself only? Is it having eyes for no one else but your partner?

Well, I agree. But being truly faithful in today’s wretched society is much more than just being physically intimate with one person.

Being loyal to your partner means being not only physically involved with them, but also emotionally. It means being entirely happy and satisfied with what you have in life. It means not searching for a little something in another person.

It means not only kissing your partner but also being honest about your deepest intentions with them.

Not letting someone else get into your bed does not always mean that you are faithful. Don’t kid yourself and don’t underestimate your partner. Your actions might be righteous, but your thoughts filthy. So, when you reach a level where you’re thinking about someone else, you’re still cheating.

Because being faithful to one person is much more than you can actually imagine.

It’s being completely disinterested in those flirty comments in the club because your mind is focused on how amazing you feel around your partner. It’s deleting every dating app you once used because you no longer need it. It’s making yourself clear that you’re taken in a polite way, instead of secretly enjoying those silly confidence boosts from flirting with another person.

Don’t get me wrong, being faithful doesn’t mean that you should isolate yourself from the world and chain yourself to your partner for all eternity. Being loyal does not mean losing your identity to satisfy your partner’s needs.

You are allowed to hang out with whomever you want. You can go out with people. You can do your thing. You can text your friends or talk with a stranger. You can do all of it and still be faithful. Because if you’re aware of who you are, you have nothing to prove to others.

But, when you start hiding such things because you’re too afraid that your partner might get upset and find out about your secret affairs, if you start treating your female friend as your girlfriend, or if you start adding random women on Instagram, then it’s clear that you’re not taking your relationship seriously.

You may not be cheating in the socially accepted way of cheating, but it still seems like you’re going down that road.

And, to me, that is not acceptable.

If you want to be with another person if you truly love them like you say you do and if you are satisfied with where you are in life, you would never dare to even think about anyone else besides them.

Because being faithful means having a clean heart and a pure mind.

It’s more than not letting someone get inside your bed. It’s not letting someone anywhere near your heart.

Being faithful means realizing that no fling, no one-night stand, no other person is more valuable to you than your relationship. It means that your love for your partner is so strong that it outweighs the desire to be with someone else.

Being faithful means that out of all the people in this world, you’ve chosen your partner to spend the rest of your life with because they sparked up something in you that nobody ever did.

It means that for you there’s nothing more important and more precious than their presence.

Stephanie Reeds