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8 Definite Signs You’ve Found The Man You Should Marry


You’ve been in a relationship with this amazing, gorgeous, kind man for a while now and you’re head over heels in love with him. Everything is going great and you’re beginning to wonder: Is he the one? And that’s the question: How do you know that he’s your meant-to-be person?

Many will tell you that falling in love is hard and that determining if the person you’re with is the one you should marry is even harder. But, when you have the right man by your side, nothing is hard. Everything falls into place and feels natural to you.

When you’re with the right man, you feel differently compared to how you felt when you dated other guys. You feel love on a deeper level. Yet, all this is great, but marriage is a sacred commitment and before you make the till death do us part pledge, you have to be completely sure you’re bound to be together.

Here are 8 clear signs you’ve found the man you should marry:

1. You feel comfortable in your own skin.

You have quirks, whims, annoying habits, and insecurities like everybody else. For example, you can talk loudly, or easily get cranky when things don’t work your way, or be obsessed about posting your selfies on Instagram.

However, despite all your faults and irritating habits, you feel comfortable in your own skin and you don’t feel ashamed to show them to your boyfriend. He’s well aware of all your flaws and never criticizes or makes you feel unworthy because of them. Instead, he accepts them as a part of you because he knows they make the person you are.

2. You feel he’s deeply and honestly in love with you.

If you’re with the right man, know that you’ve been blessed. You’ll never have to wonder how he feels about you because this man wears his heart on his sleeve. He treats you like a princess and he makes you feel like you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

He cherishes every single part about you and doesn’t miss a day to show how much special you are to him. It’s amazing how this man makes you feel like you’re the most loved and appreciated girl in the world.

3. You both have the same vision of the future.

You may come from different backgrounds, but what matters is that both of you are headed in the same direction. Of course, you have different experiences, opinions, attitudes, interests, goals, and professions. But, you share the same plans, the same vision of the future – the future in which you see yourselves living together and loving each other even more than you do now.

4. You solve your problems without angry fights.

Maybe you were used to having petty or angry fights with your ex-boyfriends, but with this man it’s different. You don’t feel like you have to fly off the handle so as to be heard.

In your relationship, there’s no place for meaningless, heated arguments. You resolve all your issues, no matter how small or big they are, by talking about them like two grownups. You simply have an understanding and respect for each other’s opinions, ideas, and feelings.

5. You find his quirks more adorable than annoying.

If you’re like me who can easily get irritated when things don’t go the way I like, don’t worry. When you’re with the right guy for you, nothing can get on your nerves. Whether your guy is leaving his clothes all over the apartment, chews loudly, or leaves leftovers on the table, nothing of this will ever bother you. In fact, you may even find these irritating habits funny.

And if you’re wondering why this is so – the answer is simple: They’re coming from the man you’re head over heels in love with. The man who means the world to you. The man who is your perfect match.

6. You feel like your relationship is a sacred thing.

You know you’re with your meant-to-be person if he makes your relationship a priority. Even when he’s up to his neck in work or feels tired, he never makes you feel neglected or ignored. He makes sure he makes time for you and he gives his best to nurture your relationship and the love you have for each other.

7. You feel like you can talk about anything you want.

With this man, you feel comfortable and free to talk about all sorts of things without worrying he might judge you. Whether it’s your views on politics, religion, relationships, parenting, you name it, you can be open about everything.

When you’re having a conversation, he’s interested in hearing your opinions because they’re important to him. And no matter how different they are from his, he never criticizes you or makes you feel stupid and weird. Instead, he respects your ideas and opinions and enjoys learning new things from you.

8. You feel like everything falls into place.

You know your boyfriend is the one you should marry when you feel like all things simply fit into place. You feel like you’ve finally become the person you’ve always wanted to be. There’s nothing that makes you feel happier and more fulfilled like when you’re spending time with him. You enjoy being in his company and you’re thrilled at the idea of spending your life with him.


Riley Cooper