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8 Things You’ll Experience If You Are Highly Sensitive To Energy


Some people are far more sensitive to the energy around them than others. This is a gift that only a few possess, and even fewer understand. It’s a power that can become difficult to live with, especially when surrounded by negative energy.

Many highly-intuitive people don’t even realize that they have this ability. If you think that you might, these are 8 things you’ll experience if you are highly sensitive to energy.

1. You Possess Strong Intuition

Your intuition is often stronger than your logic. In difficult situations, you normally trust your gut because you know that it’s almost always right. In the past, trusting your intuition has gotten you out of a lot of potential trouble.

2. You Always Know When Someone is Lying

No one can fool you. If someone is telling you a story full of lies, you can instantly tell. No matter how good of an actor someone might be, you can sniff out deceit from miles away. Although you may not always say it, you always know.

3. Crowds Overwhelm You

In a crowded room with lots of people, you feel extremely uncomfortable. When masses of people are around, there are too many different sources of energy. Connecting with all this energy can be draining for you. You’d much rather be with a small group of people, or simply be alone.

4. You Often Experience Visions Rather than Dreams

Dreams can hold more power than we give them credit for. Although most people sometimes experience dreams with hidden meanings behind them, it happens to you very often. You’re also a master at deciphering these visions and understanding the meanings behind them.

5. You Know Things Before They Happen

It could just be feeling or a thought that you have that signals that something is about to happen. Whether it’s good or bad, you can often predict future events. You understand the signals that the universe is sending out to you to show you what will happen soon.

6. Time Alone is Important to You

You’re constantly bombarded with the energy of others and of the world around you. It can be physically and mentally exhausting, leaving you in need of time to recharge. The best way that you’ve found to do this is by having time alone with yourself and your thoughts.

7. You Can Read Auras

When someone around you has a bright, open aura, your instinct will tell you that they’re someone you can spend time with. When their aura is dark and damaged, however, you can pick up on that negative energy.

8. You Have Only a Few Close Connections

You can be quite picky about the people you have in your life. Instead of surrounding yourself with people, you choose to keep just a few, close friends. You have a tremendously strong bond with the people that you invite into your life.

The ability to sense the energy around us is a gift that should not be taken lightly. Use this ability to spread positivity into the world. Be there for people in need of support. Guide and heal them wherever you can.

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Eva Jackson