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8 Things A Man Does When He Stops Caring About A Relationship

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The only thing more heart-wrenching than a breakup is when the relationship is still together but has ended in the eyes of the person that you’re with. Sometimes, a man in a relationship just stops caring. He strings you along until he finds someone else and finally lets you go. He only leaves when it’s convenient for him to do so.

If you’ve noticed that your significant other has been seeming distant lately, it’s possible that he’s already checked out of the relationship mentally. Spotting the signs now can help you get over him before he breaks your heart.

These are 8 things a man does when he stops caring about a relationship:

1. He Starts Spending Most of His Time With Other People

Recently, it seems like he doesn’t have any space left in his life for you. He’s always too busy going out with friends or doing pretty much anything that doesn’t involve you. You’ve dropped from being his number one priority to his last resort. 

2. He Takes His Time Replying to Texts

Back at the beginning of your relationship, you would text each other all the time. He would reply almost instantly because he was always excited to talk to you. Now, he doesn’t even respond to all your messages. When he does, he takes hours to reply and hardly says anything.

he stopped caring about me

3. He Stops Looking at You How He Used to

We all know the look that someone gives you when they’re madly in love with you. It’s a passionate fire behind their eyes that tells you that they care deeply about you. Your significant other had that look for you too, but now the fire has gone out. When he looks at you, you feel no warmth.

4. He Closes Himself Off

Simple things like telling you how his day went or sharing his feelings on the latest episode of his favorite show are now a distant memory. He’s closed himself off completely from you. There’s no discussion between you two of either big, important topics or of simple ones. Your partner now has no more interest in sharing his feeling with you.relti

5. He Flirts With Other Women

Your man has recently started flirting with other women. Sometimes, he even has the audacity to do it right in front of your face. He’s keeping his options open and letting you know that he doesn’t really care about you anymore.

6. He Kisses You Just Because He Has to

A romantic kiss is one full of passion and fireworks. When he kissed you before, you felt warm and safe. The passion is now gone and his kisses are void of any emotion. He only gives you a quick peck when he has to or when you kiss him first.

he stopped caring about me

7. He Doesn’t Ask About Your Day

Your partner used to always ask you how your day went. What you had to say was important to him and he wanted to make sure that your day was great. If it wasn’t, he would do his best to cheer you up. He no longer bothers asking about your day since he doesn’t really care about it anymore. If he had a choice, he’d rather not even talk to you at all.

8. He’s Reluctant to Say “I Love You”

Sure, he’ll say it back when you tell him, but when was the last time that he said, “I love you”? I don’t mean mumbling it at you before you go to work, I mean looking into your eyes and really meaning it. He’s stopped telling you he loves you as often because, as hard as it may be, he doesn’t anymore.

Once a man stops caring about a relationship, there’s no turning back. Don’t waste your time trying to salvage something that’s already gone. Save your dignity and get out of there while you can. Don’t let him use you until he’s decided that it’s time to end things. 

Has an ex ever done any of these things to you? Share your story with us.

Eva Jackson