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5 Ways To Build a Healthy Relationship


Relationships are part of our daily lives. Whether in businesses, schools, or work, we constantly interact with people from different backgrounds. Healthy relationships make life better, more enjoyable, and valuable. Below are some useful tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your partner, including other people, regardless of their backgrounds.

Appreciate and Celebrate Diversity

The world would be a boring place if we all shared the same culture, beliefs, and norms. Diversity paints different pictures of the world we live in, making it a beautiful place. Sometimes, people find it difficult to relate with others due to their cultural differences or differences in beliefs, which eventually strain their relationships.

The best way to embrace diversity is by learning about the different cultures of the people you encounter in life. That way, you will understand how to live harmoniously with them, consequently building a healthy relationship.

Effective Communication

Communication is only effective when a person understands what you are saying to them. It involves language, gestures, and attentiveness. People often assume that whatever they communicate has been understood. However, miscommunication is a common occurrence among people from diverse backgrounds.

For instance, miscommunication can cause stress and mistrust between co-workers, leading to finger-pointing. On the other hand, effective communication makes people feel more comfortable in their environment, despite the diversity.

Be Empathetic

Relationships grow stronger by caring for one another. Many people walk around with heavy hearts, and caring is the first step towards building a healthy relationship with such individuals. Caring, however, should not be limited only to tough times; you should always be empathetic both in good and bad times.

In such moments, it is not the action that counts; it is the consistency.

Empathy helps you learn more about a person and understand them without judging or criticizing. How you make people feel sticks with them for a long time and determines their perception of you.

Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts in relationships are almost unavoidable because of our uniqueness. The worst thing to do when there is a disagreement in a relationship is to let it go unresolved. The conflict becomes a ticking time bomb waiting to explode later, most probably in another dispute.

Resolving conflicts isn’t one of the easiest things to do, but it could be the only way to save a broken relationship. You may need to take the first step to resolve the conflict by discussing the issues you both have and expressing your emotions, and, most importantly, remorsefulness.

The ultimate goal of conflict resolution is attaining forgiveness. If the disagreements escalate to a point where neither of you can control their anger or listen to each other, you may seek the help of a relationship coach.

Serious relationship problems may need a neutral third party such as a therapist or counsellor to understand your different perspectives and, hopefully, find common ground.

Most importantly, do not let pride prevent you from admitting your mistakes. Admitting that you were wrong proves your commitment to solving a problem that risks your relationship.

Accept Feedback and Criticism

We are not perfect, even if we love to think of ourselves as such. Celebrated American actor Jodi Lynn Picoult once wrote:

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect; you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”

Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s keeper

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The lack of perfection is what makes us special and unique. When we offend other people in our lives, either knowingly or unknowingly, the least we can do is listen to their concerns and feelings.

Accepting feedback and criticism does not necessarily mean that you agree with everything; it means you care enough to listen and not dismiss other people’s concerns. This approach guarantees a healthy relationship by creating a foundation of tolerance, acceptance, and respect for each other.

Be Approachable and Not Dismissive

Approachability is one of the most underrated aspects of building a healthy relationship. Come to think of it, how possible is it to build a relationship with an unapproachable person?

Approachability is not limited to the physical perspective; it refers to the ability to welcome different thoughts, opinions, or concerns even if you disagree with some. By this, we mean being able to offer a shoulder to lean on.

These tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship are a great way to start this long but worthwhile journey. While there are many other ways to build a healthy relationship, these five provide a solid foundation for others to thrive.

David Smith