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4 Things To Remember When Dealing With Anxiety


There is not a single thing that encourages and spurs thoughts full of anxiety like social media does. Simply disconnecting yourself once in a while from daily texts, tweets, messages, and phone calls can be a step towards a happy and peaceful mind. The presence and the actual company from someone close, someone who you can trust, is much more valuable than having 20 friends to talk to on social media.

There is nothing that can feel more disconnecting from the real world than being connected and online. Delving into some poetry, taking a stroll down the forest and enjoying the art painted by nature, and fulfilling yourself with your favorite cup of warm tea can be a healthy replacement for your screen time.

A more accepting, peaceful, and loving mind can be achieved only through the act of giving yourself a clean state far away from technology, aiming at a different perspective and understanding of the world. (1)

1. You are much stronger than you think

What is essential to keeping your thoughts in order is the fact that you are stronger than you think. Feeling lonely and isolated from the world of happiness is an often feeling with people dealing with and fighting depression and anxiety.

You are stronger than the storm in your mind destroying every single aspect of happiness. You are stronger than the monster sleeping in your thoughts, feeding himself off of the hope he can find in your soul. With the utmost confidence, it can be said that everyone is stronger than they think.

In theory, you have survived 100% of the “worst” days in your life. This means you have walked away from the battle as the winner every single time.

2. You are not even close to being crazy

Regardless of what those around you might think, you are not losing your mind. Whilst encountering with various people, some might think your brain is tweaked or that you are just being anxious to avoid dealing with problems and concerns in the real world. It’s the prejudices like that which keep people from understanding what YOU are going through.

Nobody else in this whole entire world is you, and you have to remember that. Remember, there are some people out there who would be happy to help or just talk to. They share the same feelings, same thoughts, same doubts and have the same weaknesses. They would completely understand what you are going through. (2)

3. Your anxiety is worse than your reality

Your anxious thoughts are telling you nothing but lies. They tell you that you are not good enough, they connect the worst case scenario with a real possibility, they lie telling you how you don’t deserve love, friendship or an opportunity to voice your mind.

Your anxious companion has a very dirty habit of giving you an apprehensive and dreadful feeling of panic. A habit of making a couple of bad minutes a day feel like a nightmare, like a tunnel without a hint of light at the end. Breathe! That’s the only way you could ever beat those feelings. Life is not as bad as your anxiety depicts it. (3)

4. Take your time

In such a hectic society that we nowadays live in, everything is about “going there” “getting things quickly done” and  “time-saving techniques”. It is understandable when one feels overwhelmed and burdened to get over anxiety as fast as humanly possible.

Thus it is rather important to remember that, there comes no such thing as a time frame with anxiety. Take the needed time, pause whatever you are in the middle of, breath, and get yourself back to normal equilibrium. (4)

David Smith