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Whatever You Do, Never Settle For A Bad Life, Fake Friends And Shitty Men


Lately, I’ve been thinking about life. About what life has in store for us. About how unpredictable and unpleasant sometimes is. About how fast is moving.

And at the risk of uttering the biggest cliché ever heard, I’ll say it.

Life is short.

It’s pretty damn short when you look back at it.

So, wouldn’t you agree that some things should never be compromised?

Look, I get where you are going with the idea that you shouldn’t give your f*cks on everything and everyone.

But, some things in life are truly worthy of fighting extra hard for them.

Yes, you shouldn’t waste your energy on meaningless things and events that go beyond your control. You should let yourself go with the flow, whenever you feel tired of trying. And you should definitely develop a much more resilient mindset for dealing with the everyday bullshit.

But, there are things in life that should never be average.

Things that matter the most. Feelings that should never be compromised. Experiences that should never be accepted at a certain poor level of mediocracy.

Passion is something that needs to guide your heart in life. I’m not saying that you need to turn your rational mind off, but instead to learn when to put it on sleep and when to turn it on.

Because it is only through your powerful and deep passion you’ll get to experience what really matters to you and what’s really worth fighting for.

Don’t be afraid to set your standards high when it comes to life. Love. Your work. Your friends. What you consume. What you watch. What you smell. What you create. What you feel.

Don’t get me wrong. Don’t go looking for perfect ideals, but instead set the bar high.

It doesn’t matter if people call you snobbish, spoiled, stuck up or arrogant.

Because there’s a fine line between being overly self-centered and being truly self-protective and careful of what you let into your life.

The right people will always recognize that difference and identify you.

Your life should be a reflection of the things you love and the experiences that make you happy. You should never hesitate to show that. If you constantly behave like you don’t care about things, you’ll end up attracting those kinds of things.

There will always be things that are out of your reach, things that you’re simply not powerful enough to control and that’s fine.

But, that’s exactly why you should never leave the other parts of your life be average.

Of course, you need to accept the changes as they come your way. You need to allow them to flow through you and you need to learn every lesson life presents to you.

But, you know what else?

Only you are responsible for the standards in your life.

So, please don’t settle for less than you dream of. Don’t accept less than you deserve. Don’t agree with the things that you don’t believe in, but others impose on you. Don’t say yes to people who make you doubt yourself and everything about you.

Don’t settle for a bad, miserable life, fake friends, cheap coffee, half-assed love, “okay” job, make-believe relationships, and whatever you do, never ever settle for shitty men.

Pay the extra couple of bucks, get out of your way, struggle to get there, be alone until you find the right people, work hard to achieve your goals, but never settle for less than you deserve.

This life is too damn fast and unpredictable as it is.

Live it to the fullest.

Open your arms and breath in. Tomorrow is a new day.

So, let’s do this!

Stephanie Reeds