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Find A Person Who Will Love You And Understand You Through Your Anxiety


Find a person who understands what anxiety is and recognizes it in you. Someone who can calm down your racing heart and overthinking mind just by their presence. Someone who understands that when you are being silent it means that you are drowning in your thoughts and sorrow and brings you back to the shore instantly.  

Find a person who will make you feel safe and reassure you of their love for you all day, every day.

Find a person who won’t get tired by dealing with your anxiety, because no one is more tired and more exhausted than you are.

Therefore, find a person who will do anything they can to help you deal with your condition. Someone who will love you so much that they will be extremely careful not to make you anxious. Someone who will hold you firmly into their arms and making it all okay. Someone who will gently caress your hair when they notice your head is full of horrible thoughts.

Find a person who will be your rock, your support, your friend, your safe place.

A person to whom you can tell anything. Someone with whom you can talk about your deepest desires and fears. Someone who will understand your soul and who will love you no matter what. A warm person. A loving person. A person who feels like home.

Someone who won’t tell you-you are ‘crazy’, you are ‘overreacting’, or you are being ‘paranoid’ or too ‘sensitive’. Someone who won’t make you feel even worse than you already feel.

Find a person whose only goal is to help you through your anxiety. Someone who will love you and be your light in the darkness. Someone who will shield you and protect you from your own mind.   

Find someone who doesn’t give you reasons to fear, doubt, obsess, and overthink. Someone who feels when they need to leave you alone and when to hold you tight. Someone who makes you feel special, loved, and understood.

Someone who recognizes that anxiety is not who you are.

And also, someone who won’t make you feel like a burden, but a lover. A worthy companion. A dream come true.

Mary Wright